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LyricalGenes / Dana Burtin

South Euclid, OH            

At a young age, LyricalGenes (DJ) was always told that he could be anything in the world that he put his mind to. He truly believed that statement and used that saying as a reminder to be his own independent person. Growing up, he has experienced many obstacles when it comes to relationships, finding his purpose in life, and emotional hurdles. Music has always been something DJ could rely on. Whenever he felt a certain way, he would always fall back to music. Furthermore, DJ was often seen as an “outsider”. DJ felt that he was looked upon as “different”, because he was an introvert, at times isolating himself. However, as he grew older, it was always a challenge to express himself to others. Therefore, expressing himself in a talkative manner was difficult for him, so he began to write his emotions in a notebook. This was his introduction to music! Over a span of about two years of constantly writing in journals, DJ felt that what he wrote, would relate to other people. At that moment he decided to create something that was long overdue, MUSIC!

LyricalGenes writes, mixes, and masters all of his tracks himself!


This song is called Brainstorm because, like a written essay, I am pulling various aspects of my life and explaining how I use those aspects as motivation!

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Learning To Let Go

“Learning To Let Go” is LyricalGenes’s ballad about life, money, music, and fame. Usually, when an artist or any person begins their career, they know exactly what they want without necessarily taking into account the big picture. If you love and/or want something, let it go, for it is when it comes back to you that you claim what is yours!

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Smile For Me

‘Smile For Me’, preaches to let go of the little things in life. Smiling through the pain can help you through a lot, but talking about what it is that weighs on you, is needed too.

From LyricalGenes’s, JudgMENTAL EP, he delivers an award winning remix single, ‘Smile For Me’. The original, featuring Scarface and 2Pac, making this a special record for LyricalGenes. Being produced by: Scarface, Tone Capone, Mike Dean, and now deceased musician, Tupac Shakur, encouraged LyricalGenes to never for

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