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Malini Srinivasan and Dancers

Brooklyn, NY         

Malini Srinivasan and Dancers is a group committed to presenting new works expanding the tradition and technique of Bharatanatyam, the Indian classical dance. Each project connects artists and audiences across cultures, bridging the gap between traditional forms and our modern world. Collaborations between choreographer Malini Srinivasan and artists from various cultural and artistic traditions spur a constant process of investigating and re-creating the dance with fresh perspectives for new audiences. Since 2005, Malini has been commissioning new music for dance from artists from a wide range of traditions including Western classical, Hindustani, Carnatic and Jazz.

Malini has been awarded grants from Queens Council on the Arts (2010, 2012 and 2014), residencies from Queens Museum of Art and  the LaGuardia Performing Arts and commissions from Stony Brook University and Navatman. She has choreographed evening-length works including Tejas Luminous (2014) and Being Becoming (2012) and shorter works such as Stealing the Queens Royal Jelly (2011) and The Swan (2011). The company has presented work at La Mama NYC, The Charles B. Wang Center, Queens Museum of Art, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center,  the New York International Fringe Festival, the Wasserkirche in Zurich and many more.

Choreographer/Lead dancer Malini Srinivasan is a third-generation Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) choreographer, dancer, and teacher. She is the disciple of the world-renowned Guru C.V. Chandrasekhar. Malini grew up in the U.S. and regularly traveled to India; in both places, dance was an integral part of her family’s life. She lived in Chennai, India from 1999-2004 to pursue her study of dance and its allied art forms including Nattuvangam (vocal percussion), Carnatic vocal music, Kalaripayattu (martial art), Yoga, Sanskrit and Tamil. This holistic training paved the way for Malini to integrate the many aspects of her life into a uniquely expressive dance practice.

Brian Seibert (The New York Times) writes: “The solo is gripping in its toggling between dread and desire. Ms. Srinivasan’s sweet face in incredibly expressive. She inhabits her character with such absolute focus as to compel empathy; her experience becomes the viewer’s.” Malini performs both as a soloist and with her company, Malini Srinivasan and Dancers. She has danced with groups including the Padmini Chettur Group, Ragamala, Rajika Puri and Dancers, Thresh and Kala Nivedanam.

Malini is committed to spreading a deep understanding of Indian classical traditions through teaching. She has been a visiting artist/lecturer at Princeton University, Wellesley College and Colgate University. She is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Asian & Asian-American Studies Department at SUNY Stony Brook, on the dance faculty of Chhandayan, and a Teaching Artist with City Lore.

Night excerpt

Part of the dance suite Tejas Luminous. Solo choreographed to music composed by Samarth Nagarkar, dance by Malini Srinivasan. A woman awaits Krishna, her beloved. Attacked by love’s arrows and seeing Krishna everywhere, she goes out into a dark and stormy night in search of him.
Ragam Darbari
Vilambit (Slow tempo) – Talam Ektal (12 beats)
Lyrics: “Oh God, to whom can I express my heart’s suffering?”
Performed at FringeNYC 2014

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Ardhanariswara excerpt

Part of the dance suite Being Becoming. Ardhanariswara is a composite male/female figure, expressing the unity of dualities in the Hindu tradition. Performance by Malini Srinivasan, Kadhambari Sridhar and Umesh Venkatesan. Music composed by Roopa Mahadevan, Jathis (rhythmic passages) by Akshay Anantapadmanabhan. Performed at FringeNYC 2012.

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Part of the dance suite Tejas Luminous. Evening is a ritual performed by priestesses. Traditionally a solo piece in the Bharatanatyam repertoire, Alarippu, is here performed by three dancers. The formations introduces a different perspectives and tensions that do not exist in the solo dance form. Dance by Kadhambari Sridhar, Tatiana Popova and Kumari Mayshark, Choreography by Malini Srinivasan. Music composed by Ilari Kaila. Performed at FringeNYC 2014

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