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Flint, MI         

Mama Sol is an explosive emcee, hip hop artist, inspirational speaker, and spoken-word artist, with versatility in style as well as deliverance. She is a mother, breast cancer survivor, humanitarian, songwriter, and founder of a non-profit. Sol is a phenomenal woman who inspires everyone she crosses paths with. 

After graduating from college Sol sought out to pursue a career in music. She was part of groups, worked with other artists, and wrote for different entertainers. In the 1990’s she was given a unique opportunity to work in the fashion and music industry. Sol earned a position working at FUBU at its peak, after creating a commercial for them. She assisted them with media and their productions.

While Sol was working for FUBU so discovered a lump in her chest and was diagnosed with breast cancer. After learning she had breast cancer she quit her job at FUBU and moved back to Flint, Michigan to undergo treatment for her breast cancer. Sol had developed a love for music at a young age and was a gifted hip hop artist but after surviving breast cancer and losing a close friend she decided to remove music from her words and do spoken-word so her message would not be lost in the music.

Sol later earned a job at Detroit’s Timbuktu Academy of Science and Technology. Sol learned Swahili while teaching as it was a language the students were taught. Her experience teaching had a major impact on her life as a person and artist. While teaching she continued to do spoken-word and worked with the legendary Last Poets. Her experience teaching and sharing her message through spoken-word only intensified her commitment to being a positive impact on the world by ensuring her words were honest but responsible.

Today Sol strives to live a purpose filled life along with her three-piece band The N.U.T.S. and other artist she works with. She uses spoken word infused with hip-hop to spread the words closest to her heart. Sol is an experienced artist who has opened for world-renowned artists such as Destiny’s Child, Cee-lo, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and Rakim, among others. She has also shared the stage with the legendary George Clinton, Kindred the Family Soul, and Mos Def. Sol’s accomplishments in the music industry and spoken-word world are noteworthy but the responsibility she has taken to provide today’s youth with hope and inspiration is admirable.

Sol is an activist that spreads her message through her lyrics, spoken-word, and speaking engagements while incorporating music. Sol states, “Music, I feel, is a voice for the voiceless and a universal language we can all relate to. It is a vehicle that can drive a message into the souls of my listeners, which in return, can assist in their reason for being, their thinking in terms of unity, freedom and peace amongst one another as brothers and sisters — breaking both racial and gender barriers.” She has done several speaking engagements including speaking at a Detention Center  for At Risk Youth, Stop the Violence Rally with Ebenezer ministries,Thumb Correctional Facility, DePaul University, the University of Michigan-Flint on multiple occasions, and most recently at Florida International University for their annual MLK Youth Forum.

Sol has a major impact in her local community and throughout the United States but her message also extends across the world. She says it’s her work abroad that truly touches her. Mama SOL has performed in Dubai, Qatar, and Kenya. In 2011 she visited a refugee camp in Nairobi, Kenya in the mist of the famine. She had such a positive impact on the community that she was offered a position as a United Nations ambassador. Her experience in Africa inspired her to create the Bring L.I.F.E. Foundation, which stands for Love, Inspiration, Food, and Education. The foundation is in the early stages of development and is near and dear to her heart.

Sol believes it is her obligation to inspire others, especially today’s youth, with a soulful voice that delivers a message that will inspire them. She strives to impact the world by ultimately inspiring others to be committed to learning, to being responsible world citizens, to follow their art, and to live out their dreams. Sol is a pioneer that is changing the world through her art of words.