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Marc Lowenstein

Los Angeles, CA

Marc Lowenstein is a composer, conductor, singer, and teacher. He was one of the six principal composers of Hopscotch, he has written one full-length opera based on the movie The Fisher King, and has written several other vocal works, including this for Jodie Landau and wildUp. He is founding Music Director of The Industry and with them has been Music Director for Crescent City, Invisible Cities, In C and Hopscotch. He conducted on New York City Opera’s Vox program for four years, and has conducted on the first two First Takes of the Industry. He also conducts the Gurrisonic jazz orchestra and has a deep interest in cross-genre and cross-cultural musical styles, avoiding the word “musics” in favor of the word “music”. He has been Music Director for several premieres including John King’s Dice Thrown, and the American premieres of Aperghis’ L’Origine des Espèces, Krausas’ The Immortal Thoughts of Lady MacBeth, Oliver’s Peach Blossom Fan, and Schaeffer’s Loving. He has sung about twenty-five opera roles including Madeline X in the premiere of Foreman/Gordon’s What to Wear, and has been active as a performer of contemporary vocal music singing on the Ojai festival and on the Monday Evening Concert series. He has been called “a terrific singer” (LA Times), an “assured conductor” (New York Times), and his compositions have been called “raptly lyrical” (New Yorker). He has recorded on Industry Records, Innova, Poobah, Bedroom Community, Q Division, Nine Winds Music and Three Kids music.

Marc holds the Roy E. Disney Family Chair in Music Composition in the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts where he has taught for 20 years.

Nietzsche Aria

From the opera The Fisher King (by Marc Lowenstein): “A half-crazed beggar, Parry, a former professor, is on a mission to find the Holy Grail. He is aided by suicidal Jack, a former disk jockey who feels responsible for inspiring a madman’s massacre that killed Parry’s wife. Placed in a mental ward, Parry is cared for by Lydia.”

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Car Scene

From “Hopscotch”(by Marc Lowenstein), an opera performed by Los Angeles-based experimental opera company, The Industry:

“Imagine getting in a car without knowing the destination. Sharing the car are singers, actors, and instrumentalists who draw you into a story. The car stops at an incredible site, where another chapter of the story commences – until another car pulls up, with different artists, depicting another chapter of the story.

And so on, and so on, in a 90-minute journey throughout the unsuspecting city.”

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In the Park

From the opera “Hopscotch”(by Marc Lowenstein)

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