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Maria Finkelmeier

Boston, MA            

Named a “one-woman dynamo” by The Boston Globe, Maria Finkelmeier is a percussion performer, educator, and arts entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. Maria recently founded the nonprofit organization, Kadence Arts, devoted to incubating artistic projects, curating performances, and engaging local communities through music making. From 2012 – 2015, she served as the program manager of the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department at New England Conservatory, training the next generation of innovative performers. Prior to rooting in New England, Maria spent three years in Northern Sweden at the Piteå Institution for Music and Media as an artist in residence.

A nuanced interpreter and creator of new music, Maria is co-founder of the artist collective, Masary Studios. Responsible for turning Fenway Park’s Green Monster into an instrument and projection canvas for Illuminus at HubWeek in 2015, Masary studios combines music performance with triggered animation, often commissioned to create site-specific work. She also tours with Quartet Kalos, a Swedish-American band (clarinet, cello, voice, percussion) focused on arranging folk music and commissioning new works, presents a solo program entitled “Human and/or Machine,” and can be seen with Ensemble Evolution and Hub New Music. As a collaborator and composer, Maria has been commissioned to create works for the Boston Center for the Arts, TEDx Cambridge, Illuminus Boston, ArtWeek Boston, and the Outside the Box Festival.

Inner Eye: for solo marimba and loop pedal

Inner Eye is inspired by a statue of Shiva at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and written for Finkelmeier’s solo concert at the MFA in 2016. The “third eye” or “inner eye” of the statue is believed to see beyond sight, and is the portal into the central energy point of a being. This idea of inward reflection, and dizziness felt when observing the multiple faces of the statue, led the the circular motifs and chaotic moments of this piece.

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Waking the Monster with Masary Studios

In 2015, Finkelmeier’s artist collective, Masary Studios, turned Fenway Park’s famous Green Monster into a projection canvas and musical instrument. With a notation system, mapped layout, and pool of collaborators, the group premiered 6 pieces written specifically for the “monster” for over 30,000 attendees of Illuminus at HubWeek.

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Duo Project in Sweden: Evolution Duo

From 2009 – 2012, Finkelmeier resided in Piteå, Sweden. One of the milestone projects was “Compose. Perform. Inspire. New Voices in Percussion Music,” a commissioning project resulting in 6 new duo pieces, a televised broadcast and record.

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