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Marion Walker

Seattle, WA            

Marion Walker is the Seattle-based artist team/musical collaboration of Jessie Marion Smith and Kyle Walker Akins. Smith is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and musician. Akins is a musician, visual artist, sound engineer, and filmmaker. Together they play as a band and make interdisciplinary video and performance work. Their music is a blend of psychedelic Rock’n’Roll and angular pop. It is a head-on collision between doomy, bleak worlds and fuzzed-out, technicolor tones.

Marion Walker’s new full-length album, “111EGAL SUNSH1NE,” will come out in early 2018 on Pleasure Fool Records. “111EGAL SUNSH1NE” marks the 5-year anniversary of the band and to celebrate they created an 11-song LP alongside a collection of five dance/music videos. “111EGAL SUNSH1NE” is an album driven by riffs and steered by vocal hooks. On this record, Marion Walker mixes proto-psych and post-punk, drum machine beats, and intertwining male/female vocals.

Marion Walker premiered “Patience, Atlas” as the first single/video off the album. The stop-motion video captures a dancer stranded in the waiting room where patience is paramount and the weight of the world eventually tears everything apart.

Marion Walker have been Artists-in-Residence at Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle, WA) and PROJECT: Space Available (Seattle, WA). They have also received funding from The Nevada Arts Council, The National Endowment for the Arts, New Music USA, and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

Patience, Atlas

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We Won’t Be In Love Much Longer

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