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Matt Petty

Memphis, TN      

Matt Petty is a trombonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and video artist based in Memphis, Tennessee. Matt is known for creating music-based multimedia involving sound, video and live performance. He is the founder of the electro-acoustic collective Kisatchie Sound; an ensemble based in rural northern Louisiana that creates new music with a sense of place, rooted in the soil of the South. He is also trombonist and songwriter of the digital music collective You Can Call Me SIR with electronic musician Cristy Michel, whose upcoming EP invokes a dark rage embedded within modern queer identity. Inspired by history, folklore, pop-culture, and the natural world, Matt’s music has been described as “…An emotional and arresting juxtaposition of beautiful things” by composer and collaborator Eve Beglarian, which often includes reflections of his travels as a social explorer of the American landscape. As a collaborative artist, Matt’s work has been featured internationally at shows including Biome Arts’ ALT/FUTURE Environmental Art Series in Taipei, Taiwan, the Bad Video Art Show in Moscow, Russia, and the Ecos Urbanos electroacoustic music festival in Mexico City. Additionally, Matt is the co-creator of the feature documentary, Sacred as Folk about the life of Louisiana artist, Brother Michael David Elvestrom; and LIGHTEN UP, a multimedia fantasia about American “outsider” artists. Matt’s latest project NoMansLand is a visual concept album written in collaboration with musicians from the United States, Honduras, and Mexico.

Dark River

Music + lyrics written and performed by Matt Petty & Cristy Michel, June 2018. Performed and recorded in Memphis, TN & Los Angeles California, Summer 2018.

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Text “Among These Ruins” by Coral Bracho. Spoken word by Alejandra Monjardin. Clarinet by David Steele. Trombone and electronics by Matt Petty. Filmed at Teotihuacan, Mexico; Templo Mayor, Mexico City & the abandoned St. Matthew’s School in Natchitoches, Louisiana. 2014 – 2017

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