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Melissa Grey

New York, NY      

Composer-performer Melissa Grey collaborates with artists, architectural designers, creative technologists, musicians, and composers. Recently, she has composed for Thomas Piercy, ETHEL, Miolina, and The Occasional Noise Trio (Derin Oge, Cesare Papetti, William Lang). She has created kinetic scores based on combinatorial memory wheels: blur (after blue hour) for Payton MacDonald’s Sonic Divide project and Volvelle for the Bowers-Fader Duo. Grey’s Environnement sonore, an electronic soundscape composed with the modular synth benjolin, was broadcast in the gallery space for the exhibition curated by artist Angela Grauerholz, Michèle Lemieux | The Whole and Its Parts, From drawing to animated films, exhibited at the Centre de design, Université du Québec à Montréal September-November 2016.

With artist and animator Nicole Antebi, she has ongoing animation-sound projects that include live performance and processing with Grey performing a vintage Merlin music machine: Procrustean Bed, composed for violinist Lynn Bechtold, premiered at the 2016 New West Electronic Arts and Music Organization Festival in San Diego, and later performed by Miolina violin duo (Mioi Takeda and Lynn Bechtold) at the National Opera Center (2017, NYC) and by Lynn Bechtold at the Ars Electronica Show at La Cupula Gallery (2017, Córdoba, Argentina); and Magic Square, a triple collaborative effort, features new music by synthpop pioneer, Vince Clarke, and premiered at the Morbid Anatomy Museum (2016, Brooklyn, New York).

In January 2016, with composer-performer David Morneau, she established l’Artiste ordinaire [l’Ao]. They have three expansive performance projects: MOTHER, a love letter to the ocean; Photon Ecstasy, a growing catalog of compositions that engages music, sound, science fiction, and interactive light; and Soft Series, a concert series dedicated to presenting soft premieres. These projects allow l’Ao to collaborate and connect with musicians, artists, engineers, scientists, and designers.

For MOTHER, they have been selected as the 2018 Toy Piano Pioneer Resident Artists at the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. The premiere of Photon Ecstasy was commissioned by the University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center. New York Arts wrote that with repeated listenings “there’s more to be moved and impressed by, to learn from [Photon Ecstasy].” Their first collaboration, Gadget Berry Dimple: A Glossary of False Translation (benjolin, Merlin, spoken word), was performed for Hans Tammen’s 100th Anniversary of Dada at Spectrum NYC and has been published by Circumference journal, which supports poetry in translation.

Soft Series has featured Craig Hultgren, thingNY / Varispeed, Miolina, Elizabeth A. Baker, The Bowers-Fader Duo, Nicole Antebi, The Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, and Eve Beglarian. Soft Series has been live-streamed and archived by Clocktower Radio.

Grey has received awards and funding from Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Manhattan Community Arts Fund, American Music Center, Composer Assistance Program, and ASCAPlus Awards, Concert Music Division.

Grey has taught Sound Studies at the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York City since 2009. She is an Associate Director of Composers Concordance, and a Board Member of Miolina, the violin duo of Lynn Bechtold and Mioi Takeda.



to…return (2017)

World Premiere of Melissa Grey’s “to…return” featuring David Morneau, trombone.
Performed by CompCord String Orchestra, Arkady Leytush conductor, as part of Composers Concordance Concertos & Stuff concert @ Le Poisson Rouge, NYC 05 November 2017

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Trappist-1 (2017)

Composed, performed, and produced by l’Ao [ Melissa Grey, baoding balls & David Morneau, trombone ] with Thomas Piercy, bass clarinet
From Tokyo to New York: Bargemusic, Brooklyn, NY
22 September 2017

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Procrustean Bed (2016)

Created by composer Melissa Grey and artist-animator Nicole Antebi for Lynn Bechtold & Composers Concordance. Performed by Lynn Bechtold [violin] & Melissa Grey [live processing, Merlin]; at San Diego Central Library Auditorium, CA, 2016.04.08 [world premiere]

Composers Concordance at The New West Electronic Arts & Music Festival | Music & Myth

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