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Michael Santoro

Taipei, TW      

Founder/Executive Producer, SF World Music Festival
Music producer, educator, and social entrepreneur Michael J. Santoro has been navigating the cross-sections of cultures around the world since 1995, introducing non-western music and social consciousness through innovative stage productions that bridge the divide between professional performance art, arts education and human rights activism. Besides raising over $2.5 million dollars in grant contributions for the organization and creating over 20 large-scale commissioned stage productions, Michael was advisor to the Kennedy Center for their Festival of China (2005), music producer for the Asian Art Museum re-opening (2003), co-founder of the Green Yayla Cultural Arts Festival in the mountains of Turkey near the Black Sea, and has served on grant panels throughout the Bay Area. As musician, Michael specializes in performance of the Chinese dong xiao (vertical bamboo flute), and spends his time studying Chinese classical literature, Chinese nanguan music in Taiwan and traditional operas in China. He currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan, making frequent trips to Beijing, China, where he works with artists from the China National Peking Opera Company and migrant youth schools, designing new opportunities for educators and artists to collaborate on both sides of the Pacific.