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Michel Gentile

Brooklyn, NY   

Flutist and composer Michel Gentile is an active member of the New York jazz scene.  He received his Master of Music degree with distinction from the New England Conservatory of Music where he studied with Jimmy Giuffre, Dave Holland, Geri Allen, Mick Goodrick, and George Garzone. Michel has appeared on record with Ray Charles, Anthony Braxton, Dave Kikoski, Bobby Previte, Jane Ira Bloom, Michael Formanek, and Adam Rudolph. He has performed with Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Fred Hersch, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Joseph Jarman, Yusef Lateef, and many others.  


He has been teaching for over 30 years and his teaching portfolio includes Queens College, New England Conservatory, Wellesley College and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. Michel has taught privately, in the classroom, in workshops, and lead master classes. He takes special pride in his work in the public schools and with preschoolers with special needs at the Helen Keller School for the Visually Impaired.


Michel has studied composition with George Russell, John Heiss, Muhal Richard Abrams and is very honoured to be currently studying with Donna Doyle. Michel has composed for everything from solo instruments to a quintet with flute and string quartet and a triple concerto for flute, piano and drums with chamber. He has composed for radio, television and film media. His compositions have been featured on “Seize the Moment” 1994, “Trapeze Contortionist” 2001 “Red Balloon” 2005, “Flesh and Steel” 2008 and “Rock, Paper, Scissors” 2011 by Gentile-Romano. His most recent release with the collaborative ensemble WORKS has received rave reviews.


Michel has worked extensively with dance, theater, and film, most notably with the remarkable ensemble” Strike Anywhere”, and has been featured on national radio and television throughout North America and Europe.


Michel has been running the non-profit organization Connection Works with Rob Garcia and Daniel Kelly for the last seven years. Connection Works’ acclaimed concert series, Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open, has consistently received New York Times critic’s picks. CW has presented an outstanding array of jazz musicians, including jazz legends Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Billy Hart, John Abercrombie, Joseph Jarman and Cecil McBee.


What the critics are saying:


“he almost blows the house down. Gentile works serious extended technique…”

Downbeat Magazine, Chris Robinson


“Gentile’s tone can be sweet, soul, growling or classically clinical throughout”

  • , George Harris


“Gentile lets his flute perform a series of acrobatics, but never lets it devolve into the theatrical.  With a fluency reminiscent of fellow flautist Carlos Ward, Gentile is able to sound grim without becoming acerbic, celebrate beauty without becoming superficial.  There is an undeniable grace evident in his play.”

Dave Sumner – http://www.birdistheworm.com/gentilekellygarcia-works/


“his full-toned flute leading the way”

Richard B. Kamins – http://steptempest.blogspot.com/


For a long time, I thought that Robert Dick, Jamie Baum and

Cheryl Pyle are the best flutists in the Downtown scene but it sounds

as if Michel Gentile is also amongst the select group.

Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery

PHI (for flute and string quartet) – Michel Gentile, V. “Eadem Mutato Resurgo”

In the finale of this five movement work, material from all the previous movements returns to show the interconnectedness of the movements.
After reading The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio, I was motivated to compose a piece of music in which every musical element is an expression of this natural phenomenon. I have been interested in the golden ratio, some would say obsessed, for some time now.

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Voices of the Earth – 1st movement, Chthonian – Michel Gentile

“Chthonian” comes from the Greek, meaning from the earth and/or from the spirit world. The opening movement of Voices of the Earth, a triple concerto for flute, piano,drums and chamber orchestra begins by revealing a melody out of a cluster of notes. As notes are removed one at a time the ear is drawn to the next note in the chord, thus a chord becomes a melody. This is the exact opposite of the way melody is normally presented, i.e., by introducing new notes. By drawing spirits out of the cluster-chord the impetus for the piece is born.

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Empty Sky – WORKS Octet (Music & lyrics by Michel Gentile)


Melissa Stylianou – voice
Mike McGinnis – clarinet and saxophone
Ron Horton – trumpet
John Clark – french horn
Gary Wang – bass
Michel Gentile – flute
Daniel Kelly – piano
Rob Garcia – drums

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