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Chicago, IL            

Mocrep is a performance collective dedicated to experimental, interdisciplinary, and collaborative performance. Comprised of 13 performers, our practice takes sociality as its starting point; our work is predicated on an investment in our relationships with each other, our collaborators, and our communities. Through this focus on relationships, Mocrep explores the sociopolitical possibilities of making: how do the relationships that surround art-making constitute the art itself? How does the energy of a work of performance change when it is collaboratively devised, when it has rigid rules, when it can’t be rehearsed? We aim to make work that opens up these possibilities and explores what it means (and what it could mean) to make art in and with a community.

Mocrep blurs and blends disciplines, often calling into question the validity of discipline itself as an organizing principle for art and artists. Equal parts music, performance art, video art, and movement, the ambiguity in our varied and fluid practice reflects the complexity of our relationships and our culture. This aesthetic deconstructs the rigid structures of the contemporary art world, radically reimagining the relationship between artists, material, and virtuosity.

Our process is political. A fundamental principle in our work is nonhierarchy, and we use this to guide our relationships with each other and the structure of the ensemble itself. All ensemble decisions are achieved unanimously, and we hold weekly meetings to discuss ensemble goals and issues. This is both a performance of our ideal hyper-local politics, and a statement about the viability of alternatives to oppressive, majoritarian structures.

Mocrep’s cultural partners include Goethe-Institut Chicago, Lumpen Radio, Illinois Humanities Council, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, as well as such ensembles as the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Ensemble Dal Niente, and Eighth Blackbird. Mocrep was one of three young ensembles to be invited to the prestigious Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik Darmstadt in 2016. Mocrep has held residencies at Mana Contemporary Chicago and dfbrl8r performance art gallery, and we look forward to a residency at Stanford University in the spring of 2018.


Created by Sam Scranton (composer) and Molly Roth (visual artist) for Mocrep, and performed by members of Mocrep and Sam Scranton, July 2017 at Northwestern University.
HOLOLITH is a durational work of speculative music that engages—through sound, image, and ritual—outsized forces that shape and are shaped by humans.
To get a sense of the piece, watch/listen at 2:00, 28:30, and 57:00. (password: hololith)

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Performed by Marcela Lucatelli and Mocrep
No-Nation Gallery, January 2017

A bizarre hodgepodge of objects and intentions, #Off-Human explores the post-human through intimate, erotic, and alien meanings of touch. This was our second collaboration with Lucatelli, and the first in our series of “Off-Human” pieces.

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Record/Rekord by Ludwig Abraham
Videos by Jovana Reisinger
Performed by Mocrep at Säulenhalle München, August 2016

Our second collaboration with Abraham, this radio opera takes as its starting point our own transatlantic relationship and the historical and social quality of such collaborations. The work features two unique experiences, one in live performance and one over radio broadcast- neither is complete or definitive. We recommend watching through the first commercial break, 0:00-8:35, to get a sense for the pacing and form of the piece.

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