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Morgan Krauss

Chicago, IL   

Morgan Krauss (b. 1985) is a composer currently living in Chicago. Morgan has always been fascinated by the nuances and complexities of a sound that is revealed through varied recurrence. Prior to composing concert music Krauss had a long engagement with electronic music and noise. During this period she realized her partiality for musical instances and specificities. When Morgan found herself taken by these small fragments of sonic moments she would loop them incessantly allowing her to create new aural prospects through listening. This curiosity drove her to uncover new ways to properly convey what these sounds meant and how they would translate within the setting of a concert hall.

Krauss’ current ambitions in her works are to produce tactile explorations based on one’s physical awareness and elements of allurement. Her music is focused on the concealed instability of seemingly fixed gestures where the interaction between performer and the score creates yet a third entity, often guided by improvisation and the clashing of emotional opposites. Krauss received her Bachelor of Music in Composition at Columbia College Chicago, and continues her studies by pursuing a Doctorate of Music at Northwestern University.

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