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Morgan Evans-Weiler

Malden, MA         

Morgan Evans-Weiler is a Boston based artist, composer, curator and educator. His work ranges from sound installation and music composition to drawing and video. He has shown his work and presented his music throughout the United States and Europe. He is the founder of the New England based experimental group, Ordinary Affects, who have worked with composers such as Eva-Maria Houben, Christian Wolff, Michael Pisaro and Jürg Frey. Along with composer Jed Speare, he founded the Standing Waves concert and book series in 2016.

His music has been published on the Another Timbre, Weighter, Suppadeneum and Rhizome(S) labels. He can also be heard as performer on the Elsewhere and Ftarri labels.

Evans-Weiler has performed at the High Zero Festival in Baltimore, Jordan Hall, Issue Project Room, MIT List Visual Art Center and numerous other venues.