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MPLS (imPulse)

Twin Cities, MN         

MPLS (imPulse) is a fully professional festival chamber chorus based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 2014 by Samuel Grace, our ensemble re-imagines the traditional choir through creative collaborations, narrative style programming, and engaging audiences in the most diverse and unusual spaces we can find.

Audience members describe our performances as “an experience.” For us, simply performing music isn’t enough. MPLS (imPulse) is proud to connect and engage new and seasoned audience members to the choral art through our programming.

Our Mission:
MPLS (imPulse) builds choral communities by performing living music, embracing the singer experience, and fostering novel collaborations.

Vision Statement:
​ A choral experience for every space and community.

Meet MPLS (imPulse)

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