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Mugiyono Kasido

surakarta, ID      

Mugiyono Kasido was born in the village of Jogodayoh, Klaten, Central Java.Since early childhood Mugiyono has been involved with the Javanese performing arts.He grew up with wayang kulit (traditional puppet shadow plays) in a family of dalang (puppeteers)and he began studying clasical Javanese dance at age eight. Mugiyono continued his formal education at the high School for the Performing Arts (SMKI) and then the College for the Arts (ISI) Surakarta.

Mugiyono started choreographing in 1992 and his first work, “Mati Suri”, was presented at The Mangkunegaran Palace. The piece was awarded the Mangkunegaran IX Trophy for Best Performer in Creative Dance. In 1993 the piece “Terjerat” (Tangled) was performed at the Sriwedari Park in Surakarta, winning Mugiyono an award for Best Choreographer.

Since then he has been a prolific creative force in Indonesia and has performed “Kabar Kabur”,”Bagaspati”,”Kosong”,”Topeng”,”Amorphous”,”Rotate”,”Mencari Mata Candi”, “Shinta’s letter”,”Metamorfosis”, “Shinta’s memory”, “Ejecting Human” in countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and America such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, India, France, Germany, Greek, South Africa, Australia, USA, The Netherland, Ireland and others.

In 2011 Mugi got Indonesia World Record (MURI) for dance and choreographing “Bima Suci” 36 hours nonstop with live music in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta.

Mugiyono has created both Solo and group pieces and in 1992 he founded Mugidance, the company that perform his group work. In addition, he has been involved in numerous collaborative projects, including “Someshine” in Gemany, England, Israel and Indonesia, “Mask Dance Symbiosa Project” in Indonesia and Thailand, “Digambara”, Indonesia Sweden,“Ejecting Human” Indonesia, Korea and Thailand, “Back to Source” , Indonesia Korea/USA collaboration and others.

The Rumors

“Kabar Kabur”(The Rumors) is the result of observing Indonesian society. The inspiration or the work comes from the social chaos in Indonesia, post May 1998 particularly. I see an analogue between society and the body. In both each part has its own place and function and it is crucial that they work together in harmony.
Choreographer: Mugiyono Kasido
Production: Mugidance company

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