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Nate Wooley

Jersey City, NJ         

Nate Wooley was born in 1974 in Clatskanie, Oregon, a town of 2,000 people in the timber country of the Pacific Northwestern corner of the U.S. He began playing trumpet professionally with his father, a big band saxophonist, at the age of 13.   His time in Oregon, a place of relative quiet and slow time reference, instilled in Nate a musical aesthetic that has informed all of his music making for the past 20 years, but in no situation more than his solo trumpet performances.

Nate moved to New York in 2001, and has since become one of the most in-demand trumpet players in the burgeoning Brooklyn jazz, improv, noise, and new music scenes.  He has performed regularly with such icons as John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark and Yoshi Wada, as well as being a collaborator with some of the brightest lights of his generation like Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh, Peter Evans, and Mary Halvorson.

Wooley’s solo playing has often been cited as being a part of an international revolution in improvised trumpet.  Along with Peter Evans and Greg Kelley, Wooley is considered one of the leading lights of the American movement to redefine the physical boundaries of the horn, as well as demolishing the way trumpet is perceived in a historical context still overshadowed by Louis Armstrong.  A combination of vocalization, extreme extended technique, noise and drone aesthetics, amplification and feedback, and compositional rigor has led one reviewer to call his solo recordings “exquisitely hostile”.

In the past three years, Wooley has been gathering international acclaim for his idiosyncratic trumpet language.  Time Out New York has called him “an iconoclastic trumpeter”, and Downbeat’s Jazz Musician of the Year, Dave Douglas has said, “Nate Wooley is one of the most interesting and unusual trumpet players living today, and that is without hyperbole”.  His work has been featured at the SWR JazzNow stage at Donaueschingen, the WRO Media Arts Biennial in Poland, Kongsberg, North Sea, Music Unlimited, and Copenhagen Jazz Festivals, and the New York New Darmstadt Festivals.  In 2011 he was an artist in residence at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY and Cafe Oto in London, England. In 2013 he performed at the Walker Art Center as a featured solo artist.

Nate is the curator of the Database of Recorded American Music ( and the editor-in-chief of their online quarterly journal Sound American ( both of which are dedicated to broadening the definition of American music through their online presence and the physical distribution of music through Sound American Records. He also runs Pleasure of the Text which releases music by composers of experimental music at the beginnings of their careers in rough and ready mediums.

About Seven Storey Mountain

Seven Storey Mountain is a long-term, large scale composition that has been performed at Issue Project Room since 2007 and has included musicians such as Paul Lytton, Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh, David Grubbs, Ben Vida, Matt Moran, Chris Dingman, Ben Hall, Harris Eisenstadt, Ryan Sawyer, and the TILT Brass Sextet. In this short promotional video from Issue Project Room, Wooley talks about Seven Storey Mountain III, which premiered in 2011 and was recently released with IV in a double disc set on his Pleasure of the Text label.

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The Syllable Series

The Syllable series is a group of solo trumpet compositions based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). In these works, Wooley uses the various natural positions of the mouth, tongue, teeth, throat and nasal cavity found in the sounding of phonemes to set up various mechanisms for sound production on the trumpet. This excerpt is from Mnoad records 2013 release of [9] Syllables and features some the notation of the score.

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Nate Wooley/Paul Lytton Duo at Unlimited 26 2012

An excerpt from a live performance in Wels, Austria 2012. The duo of Paul Lytton and Nate Wooley has been active since 2005 and released four recordings, including the recent double disc, The Nows, on Clean Feed Records, which features live performances of the duo and with special guests Ken Vandermark and Ikue Mori.

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