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Nebal Maysaud

Alexandria, VA            

If you enjoy their work, Nebal also manages a Patreon which features a weekly blog and exclusive content. 

Nebal Maysaud is a queer Lebanese composer based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Since buying their first notation software in 2009, Nebal (pronounced [niˈbæ:l]) has grown to become an impactful, socially minded composer.

Their music is a convergence of faith and identity, using their artwork to advocate for the traditionally silenced. Their music is influenced by different artists of various traditions, including Vaughan Williams, Khalil Gibran, Arvo Pärt, Walt Whitman, Fairuz, and J.S. Bach.

Nebal Maysaud is a deeply spiritual thinker. Their fascination with the mysteries of the universe, combined with their dedication towards justice and equality, creates a sound profile that is unique and universal. Their works emphasize openness across religions and identities, revealing religion as a source of spirituality while also a source of suffering through abuse of power.

Nebal Maysaud has composed for several ensembles and won numerous awards, including the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, The Lawrence University Wind Ensemble, the Lawrence University Opera Department, Art Song Lab 2016, The District New Music Conference, NASA and more. Nebal was primarily taught by Asha Srinivasan, Andrew Cole, and Joanne Metcalf. 

Decolonized Arabesques on Score Follower

performed by Daniel Whitworth, Nathaniel Sattler, Emmett Jackson, Ethan Valentin

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On the Mountains of Orphalese…

Premiered and recorded by the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Andrew Mast.

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Prayer for the Fireworshiper

“What better symbol for our love than a bottle of wine? Like a Sheikh drinking wine, they look at us with horror. Yet, we know, our love is commanded by God, and is the holiest love there is.”

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