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New Keys

San Francisco, CA         

Founded in 2004, New Keys’ mission is to surface and promote the newest and most innovative music for the piano. We challenge composers to explore the vast untapped potential of the piano and strive to craft the experience of a piano recital as both captivating and approachable for our audience.   

You can read more about us on our website:  www.new-keys.org

New Keys is an affiliate of the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music



This 2 movement piece written in 2009 by composer Ian Dicke (commissioned by New Keys founder Regina Schaffer) explores two unique and mystical human sensations: déjà vu (“already seen”) and déjà rêvé (“already dreamed”) with two pianos and 8 hands. The piece was performed by New Keys in their Fall 2010 Concert, and twice again in SF new music festivals in 2013. This video was recorded in Sept 2013 at the SF Conservatory of Music. Performers: Kate Campbell, Kanoko Nishi-Smith, Anthony Porter and Regina Schaffer.

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entryways and corridors By Anthony Porter Performed by: Anthony Porter & Michael Dale pianos; Angela Moser and Elizabeth Kimble voice

This piece is an indeterminate game between two vocalists and two pianists dealing with issues of memory and the power of suggestion. Each vocalist reads her own unique order of excerpts from an 1885 text from Thomas Smith “Hints to Intending Advertisers” and each pianist plays a musical phrase that corresponds to each excerpt. The result is a layering of interlocking patterns of separate timbres (one piano is prepared) and echoing unisons (certain notes are “memory tones” and shared by both). Recorded in Oct 2010 at SF Conservatory of Music.

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Mosaic by Joao Pedro Oliveira Performed by Paul Naughton (piano & toy piano)

A mosaic is an image formed by small fragments. Each fragment does not have a specific meaning by itself, its role is only revealed when we observe the
formed global image. Mosaic, for piano, toy piano and electronic sounds, uses a similar technique. The piece is composed by a succession of phrases and musical gestures of small dimensions. They gain meaning as the work progresses in time. Recorded in October 2011 at Salle Pianos, San Francisco.

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