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New Music Detroit


New Music Detroit (NMD) is a collective of musicians dedicated to performing groundbreaking musical works from the late-20th century to the present day. A highly flexible ensemble with a cast of core members and prominent guest artists, NMD performs new and adventurous classical music in a wide variety of settings, for a wide variety of people.

NMD strives to collaborate with the most exciting creative voices of our time and regularly gives performances of rarely-heard works by major composers.

Through innovative programming and risk-taking, virtuoso performances, NMD continues to explore new ways of bringing the best of new and experimental music to the City of Detroit.


Marc Mellits’ “Prime” appears as the final piece on NMD’s debut recording, “Smoke”. Collaborators since NMD’s early days, we’ve come to be closely associated with Mellits and the qualities found in his music: driving rhythms paired with lyrical beauty; virtuosity; an affinity for minimalism; and a melding of classical and pop sensibilities. PopMatters wrote: “An epic work from Mellits, the players from [NMD] deserve heaps of praise for maintaining the energy and virtuosity necessary to honor the composer’s complex vision.”

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Detroit Industry

NMD performs “Detroit Industry: The Goddess Stamps Metal while the Blast Furnace Sings”by Annie Gosfield during Strange Beautiful Music 2019. NMD commissioned this work by Gosfield, inspired by Diego Rivera’s “Detroit Industry” murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts (seen in the video).

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Imperfect Suite

New Music Detroit performs a new commission, Frank Pahl’s Imperfect Suite in four movements, at Strange Beautiful Music 2015. Featuring Frank Pahl, ukelele and whistle; Vicky Chow, piano and clock chimes; Gina Dibello, violin; Una O’Riordan, cello; Shannon Orme, clarinets; Erik Ronmark, saxophones; Ian Ding, percussion

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