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The primary goal of the nienteForte Contemporary Music Festival is to inspire and help build a community that is excited about contemporary music.   This goal is fueled by the belief that contemporary music of all shapes and sizes has the ability to resonate with a diverse populace. The gap between contemporary music and its audience can be bridged with an open and inviting mindset on both sides.  

Since its inception in 2011, nienteForte has grown much bigger than ever anticipated. This growth is a result of the attention with which each season of the festival is curated and programmed to put on quality concerts with performers from around the country. The ultimate goal is to reach both new and veteran contemporary music audiences, inspire them to listen to music they may not have heard before or would not normally listen to, and have them return year to year. nienteForte has hosted a wide array of ensembles and composers, including Ensemble Pampelmousse, Ecce Ensemble, Yu-Hui Chang, and Erin Gee. The 2017 nienteForte festival will feature TAK Ensemble and many local New Orleans composers, compositions by student from the University of New Orleans and Tulane University, as well as a wide array of international composers.

nienteForte is co-directed by Maxwell Dulaney and Mendel Lee.

Sequenza III by Luciano Berio

as performed by Amanda DaBoer Bartlett as a part of the 2016 nienteForte Contemporary Music Festival.

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Mouthpiece XIXc by Erin Gee

Performance of featured composer Erin Gee’s “Mouthpiece XIXc” by the Ecce ensemble during nienteForte 2016.

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