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Niloufar Nourbakhsh

Brooklyn, NY      

Described as “stark” by WNPR, Iranian composer Niloufar Nourbakhsh’s music has been commissioned and performed by Symphony Number One, Spark and Echo Project, Women Composers Festival of Hartford, Pianist Erika Dohi for Metropolis Ensemble Piano Series, Calidore String Quartet and Cassatt String Quartet at numerous festivals including Atlantic Music Festival, Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music, New Paltz Piano Summer, SPLICE institute, Stony Brook Chamber Music Festival, New Music for Strings, University of Tennessee Contemporary Music Festival and more. Nilou is a strong advocate of music education. She has worked as the site coordinator of Brooklyn Middle School Jazz Academy sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center. She is currently a Teaching Artist for post grad composition students of NY Philharmonic Young Composers program. 

Nilou is a Global Citizen Scholarship recipient of Goucher College as well as a Mahoney and Caplan Scholar from University of Oxford. Among her teachers are Lisa Weiss, Laura Kaminsky, Sheila Silver and Daria Semegen. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in music composition at Stony Brook University under the supervision of Daniel Weymouth.

White Helmets, as white as death

Khalid Farah, Former Builder
Abu Omar, Former Blacksmith
Mohammed Farah, Former Tailor.
These are some of the names of nearly 3000 volunteers who work for the White Helmets organization, and they have saved more than 82,000 civilian lives in the mercenary-controlled Syria since 2014. In this piece, I aimed to depict the most beautiful nature of this organization in the most intense instrumental ranges: to remain a human under the most inhumane conditions of war, which brings nothing but a thick blanket of destruction.

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F I X E D HbeaRt

I never understood exactly what we are all trying to get to. The
ascending lines of HbeaRt are my searching attempts for getting
to a solid point. There are several random elements built into the
live electronics that resemble the unexpected events of everyday
life; yet, we continue to ascend. In the second movement however, I explore the emotional components of being F I X E D and stuck in a situation, a terminal disease, war, etc. Even in such predicaments, the music begs for action and movement, inspired by the innate nature of life.

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An Aria For The Executive Order

Commissioned by Women Composers Festival of Hartford, An Aria For The Executive Order is my attempt to understand how masses of people can be stripped of their basic humanity by the banality of ignorance.

The text is lifted directly from the original travel ban, signed by Donald Trump, and two quotes from Philip Roth’s 2010 novel “Nemesis”.

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