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Noah Meites

Los Angeles, CA   

Born and raised in the city of Chicago, the music of NOAH MEITES (b. 1982) has been recognized nationally by BMI, SCI/ASCAP, the Max and Gretl Janowski Fund, the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. He has been a featured composer at the Bowdoin International Music Festival/Charles E. Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music, June in Buffalo, the Pacific Rim Music Festival, Seoul National University’s NONG Festival, the April in Santa Cruz Festival of New Music, the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, the University of Michigan, the University of California Los Angeles, the Festival de Musica Antigua in Guatemala, and the Royal Conservatory of the Hague’s Spring Festival.

Noah’s major teachers include Louis Andriessen (with whom he worked closely during a year of intensive postdoctoral study), Diderik Wagenaar and Martijn Padding (the Royal Conservatory of the Hague), and Paul Nauert, Hi Kyung Kim, and David Cope (the University of California Santa Cruz). His other notable teachers include Martin Bresnick, Tamar Diesendruck, and Robert Beaser.

Also active as a trumpet player, Noah has performed as a soloist with the University of California Santa Cruz Wind Ensemble and was a recipient of the Weston Prize for Instrumental Performance while an undergraduate at Brown University. An accomplished improviser, Noah earned a performance certificate in jazz performance from the Centre des Musique Didier Lockwood and is graduate of Chicago’s Merit School of Music.

Noah currently resides in Los Angeles where he teaches music theory at UCLA. 

COUNTING (2012) for large ensemble and vocal solists

Premiered at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague Spring Festival, April 25th 2013. Text by Jeremy A. Schmidt.

Vocalists: Ginnette Puylaert, Bepke Keersmaekers, Ennikö Gosi, Gosia Stencel
Flutes: Alice Thompson, Marion Causse, Fanni Váhregyi
Saxophones: Erik-Jan de With, Marijke Kroon, Hugo Loi, Daan van Koppen
Trumpets: Marc Kaptijn, Rutger Woudenberg
Horn: Ameli Epp
Trombones: Ledion Zoupali, Kai Sasaki
Pianos: Eugene Kim, Noah Rectenwald
Electric Guitars: Pete Harden, Itay Bainer
Electric Bass: Murat Yatmaz
Conductor: MaNOj Kamps

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SONANCE (2013) for mixed chamber ensemble

Premiered by Ensemble Modelo62, March 4th, 2013, Het Nutshuis, The Hague (NL). Performers: Gemma Tripiana Muñoz (flute), Enric Sans i Morera (clarinet), Justin Christiansen (trumpet), Elliot Simpson (electric guitar), Teodora Stepancic (piano), Gustaf Holst (percussion), Erika Bordon (violin), Jan Willem Troost (cello), Vasilis Stefanopoulous (double bass), Ezquiel Menalled (conductor)

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Duwen, Trekken, Haken (2013) for tenor saxophone and ensemble

Premiered May 10th, 2013, The Royal Conservatory of the Hague. Performers: Hugo Loi (tenor saxophone), Tomaz Zymla (clarinets), Marion Causse (flutes), Anton van Houten (trombone), Akane Takada (piano), Wen Hsin Chen (marimba), Benjamin Mazauric (percussion).

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