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No Sleep Maarley

lynn, MA            

No Sleep is an American artist from the East coast in a small town called Lynn, MA. His early Influences in hip came from Lil Wayne and Jay Z. As well as Wutang and the lyricists lounge series. As he grew into finding his own sound and style, No Sleep developed a sound with a mix between Hip hop and pop music. His simple yet catchy and complex wordplay may appear basic on the surface, however metaphorically it has deeper meaning.

Like This (Explicit)

This record is a new approach to bridge the gap between genre specified audiences like hip hop/rap and pop listeners. The record has an energetic vibe that will either motivate or put the listener in an uplifting mood. The general message behind the record is having to choose between love or chasing your dreams. This record has been streaming in US, UK, and EU markets. The record has seen more trending activity in the UK, EU markets.

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Hunned Rounds

The Boston area is known to many as a hub of great music. With bands like Aerosmith, The Pixies, and, uh, Boston all calling this historic city home, it’s undeniable the impact Beantown has had on the industry. Not only is this city responsible for some of the greatest rock acts, but one of the first true genre-melding songs to ever come out of the industry is due to one of these Boston bands and a hugely influential rap act. And that’s what No Sleep has done with his newest release, ‘Hunned Rounds’. -Kevin Flinn/Blinking Mad

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