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Noa Even

Cleveland, OH   

Noa Even is a Cleveland-based saxophonist dedicated to sparking deeper interest in the arts of today through the performance of contemporary music. She is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project (CUSP), a non-profit that presents new music in Northeast Ohio. Her duos, Ogni Suono and Patchwork, collaborate regularly with composers and tour commissioned works. Ogni Suono released SaxoVoce, their second album, on New Focus Recordings in September 2018. Noa has toured Europe, Asia, and North America, including guest artist events at nearly 70 college campuses. Notable performances include nienteFORTE, SEAMUS, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, SPLICE Institute, (p) SPACE, Omaha Under the Radar, Singapore Saxophone Symposium, Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, Permutations Series, Journeys in Sound Series, Switchboard Presents, Outpost Concert Series, Frequency Series at Constellation, Romanian-American Musical Days Festival (Sibiu), Night of the Museums Festival (Budapest), CAN Triennial, NEOSonicFest, Heights Music Hop, New Ghosts Series, Pittsburgh New Music Festival, Tenri Cultural Institute (NYC), Bowling Green New Music Festival, World Saxophone Congresses (Bangkok, St. Andrews, and Strasbourg), and numerous NASA biennial conferences. Noa teaches saxophone and co-directs the New Music Ensemble at Kent State University. She is a Conn-Selmer and Vandoren artist.

Zwang und Zweifel (2017) – Osnat Netzer (performed by Patchwork)

Zweifel means ‘doubt’ in German. Zwang can mean compulsion, coercion, constraint, pressure, obligation, restraint and force. The piece explores the inner tumult that happens when one tries to live with a choice between two options, both of which threaten to tear body and mind to shreds. Musically, this is reflected in the musical materials (body) attempting to devolve into chaos and mayhem, while the musical syntax (mind) is rigidly and strictly trying to constrain and control them. – Osnat Netzer

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OTOTOI (2016) – Kate Soper (recorded by Ogni Suono)

OTOTOI (transliterated Greek) is an onomatopoetic cry of wild distress and is the first utterance out of the mouth of Kassandra in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon. Her gift of foresight has brought her unimaginable horror: she is buffeted with the vision of her imminent murder. As the agonized girl pours out mangled descriptions of atrocities, one wonders about the construction of her inner reality: how does she receive these visions, and what is the sound of the voice that brings them? – Kate Soper

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Violet Spirals of Twilight (2018) – Frank Wiley (performed with the Kent State New Music Ensemble)

Violet Spirals of Twilight for soprano saxophone and string ensemble

performed with the Kent State University New Music Ensemble
April 28, 2018
Ludwig Recital Hall, Kent State University

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