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Nolan Lem

San Francisco, CA            

Nolan Lem is an artist and researcher whose work reflects a broad range of influences and sonic mediums. Nolan has exhibited at the Hayden Planetarium at the Natural History Museum, Pioneer Works, and the NIME conference among others. He has served as artist in Residence at IRCAM, Signal Culture, and MassMoCA.  He holds degrees in saxophone performance, Electrical Engineering, and completed his MFA at Columbia University. He currently a PhD candidate at Stanford University where he studies at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). 

Autonomous Sense Object

An appendage shrouded in leather bondage material is
pecked, probed, and poked by a kinetic array of the artist’s prosthetic
velcro-tipped fingers. Several speakers affixed to the fingers are
driven acoustically via velcro extrications.This piece addresses issues related to
techno-eroticism, casting the body as a cyborgian object of sonic materiality. This neologism–BDSMR (ASMR + BDSM)–complicates our awareness of
sound by examining aurality as a fetish, as an agent in sensory arousal
that derives from our darker, more lurid impulses.

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rocks in roll

‘rocks in roll’ sets in motion a collection of large river rocks that literally rock and roll atop resonant platforms (each weighing well over 100 lbs), creating thunderous sonorities of enveloping mass. Inspired in part by the dynamics of evolving neural networks, with different rocks akin to network ‘weights’, this piece is a physical embodiment of emergent processes inherent in nascent machine intelligence.

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dice roll

Dice Roll (2014) reveals a kinetic network of rolling dice that explores the acoustic topographies of both sound and space through the interplay of pattern and chaos, equilibrium and entropy.

With a range of timbral densities on audio-visual display, the perceptual threshold between discrete and continuous texture forms a survey of different sonic patterns as they emerge from the boundaries of order and noise.

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