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Opera Theater of Pittsburgh Opera Theater of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA         

Mission Statement: Opera Theater presents innovative opera for imaginative audiences. Opera Theater is Pittsburgh’s modern music drama company, focusing on new works and American works, on reinterpreting older works in new ways, on building diversity in programming and casting, on supporting emerging talent, and on broadening audiences through outreach and education.

Organizational Bio: Opera Theater is not your typical opera company. The organization crosses boundaries in the arts, attempting to reach out to new, younger, and more diverse audiences. Opera Theater performs almost exclusively in English, with an emphasis on new works that reflect diverse perspectives, and traditional works performed in innovative ways – often in unique spaces that intensify appeal, enhance accessibility, and reinforce meaning ("Djamileh" performed in a vast Persian carpet emporium, "Bluebeard’s Castle" performed in a National Guard Armory, etc). In 2012, Opera Theater reinvented itself as a three-week summer festival; other events during the year include The Mildred Miller International Voice Competition, "Opera Tots!" preschool residency program, middle and high school educational initiatives, and a Young Artist Training Program. Responding to the Pittsburgh cultural market’s demand for diverse cultural experiences, Opera Theater presents productions with racially integrated casts and production teams.

SummerFest 2012 Overview

Defying the ordinary, Opera Theater’s SummerFest fuses opera, dining, new music, family events, and more.

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A History of New Music

From the terraces of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, to the Andy Warhol Museum, to a virtual world of animated woodcuts, Opera Theater’s boundary-breaking new music transcends traditional lines of demarcation in the arts.

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