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Sheree Clement

New York, NY      

Sheree Clement, composer

Sheree’s music shares stories, often with multiple, conflicting narratives and re-tellings, in sequence or concurrently. The music peers into the emotional space within the stories, to tell the truths within.   She has written for a wide range of ensembles, from large orchestra, sinfonietta, pierrot-plus, string quartet, chorus, and voice, plus analog and digitally generated fixed media and chamber opera. She lives in New York City.

She has completed commissioned works for APNM/ Ensemble Pi, The Orchestra of the League of Composers, Janet Smarr Pape, mezzo-soprano, Lois Martin, viola, Saar Berger, horn, Parnassus and The Jubal Trio.  Eliza Garth’s recording of Sheree’s Thirteen Piano Preludes is available on Albany Records.  Her Chamber Concerto, for sinfonietta, is available on CRI /New World Records.

Sheree grew up in the West Hills neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.  She studied Piano, Musicianship and Composition at the Peabody Preparatory Division, and continued her studies at the University of Michigan School of Music and then Columbia University, where she created work in the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Her awards include a Goddard Lieberson Award from the American Academy and Institute of Arts & Letters and a Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.  

Stories I Cannot Tell You: 3rd Movement – Blackbirds Flew by, and he almost fled the scene, as if drawn by them….

Stories opens with phrases appearing, dissolving and reappearing, followed by two waltzs bracketing a vibraphone solo – echoing cocktail music from the early 1960s. The 3rd mvt’s dark story is direct: Imagine a flock of blackbirds flying south, high in the sky, just before dawn. Two people see them; one has just escaped death. The other says, stuttering, “Do you, do you see the blackbirds flying south?” and then, “I see you watching, do you see them?” and finally, “Will you be here when they return?” This dialogue forms the core of the mvt.

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Round Trip Ticket

A theme and variations for pierrot + 2 perc. Played by Washington Square Contemporary Music Ensemble, Louis Karchin, conductor.

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highlights from Swimming Upstream

Performed by Elizabeth Farnum, Ensemble Pi, conducted by Carl Bettendorf, November 2018.
A chamber opera in 4 scenes, explores water, our emotional connection to water and rivers and streams. Imagine a water goddess and her reaction to what we humans have done to the water on our planet – dammed streams and rivers, upended ecosystems, and even contaminated our own drinking water. For soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, audio and projections. 20 minutes.

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