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Brooklyn, NY         

Otonal is a collective of composers creating exciting, genre-defying New Music and producing small ensemble performances. Rather than relying solely upon the massive institutions of old, Otonal has a boutique, DIY attitude, putting on our own concerts and relying upon ticket sales, fundraising, and ethical sponsorships to showcase our music in a unique array of settings.

Formed in 2018 at the Juilliard School, Otonal members are spread across the globe and come from a variety of professional fields, spanning the arts and sciences, to business and beyond. This diverse background of disciplines brings unique passion, ingenuity, and industry to composing as not often seen in the classical music world.

By using musical composition and performance art to explore relevant cultural themes, Otonal aspires to permeate genres and generations, delivering accessible contemporary classical music to audiences from all walks of life.

In our first year, Otonal sold out our debut concert at The National Opera Center (NYC), collaborated with another new music group for a concert at Church of the Good Shepherd in the Lincoln Center area, had our works played by the famed string quintet group Sybarite5, and collaborated with audiovisual artist Fernando Molina to produce an Apollo 11 tribute concert at The Cell in August 2019. Upcoming concerts include a performance of new works inspired by the seven deadly sins which will be at the Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY on April 25th, 2020.

00 – Otonal – Gravity Games – Introduction (click youtube link for entire program)

Composers and Astronauts share a mutual love of exploration; consider how a person can feel awe and wonder by either hearing a live performance of an incredible symphony, or simply looking up at the stars. In that spirit, the Otonal composers’ collective created an evening of string quartets in honor of the 50th anniversary of the greatest event in the history of mankind’s exploration– the Apollo 11 mission.

Entire Playlist: https://youtu.be/1XC85S-_7Vg

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