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Pascal Le Boeuf

Princeton, NJ            

Described as “sleek, new” and “hyper-fluent” by the New York Times, Pascal Le Boeuf is a Grammy-nominated composer, pianist, and electronic artist whose works range from modern improvised music to cross-breeding classical with production-based technology. He is widely recognized for his polyrhythmic approach to chamber music and hybridization of disparate idioms.

Recent projects include commercial recordings and videos with JACK Quartet, Nick Photinos (Eighth Blackbird), Barbora Kolářová, Jessica Meyer, Dave Eggar, Sarah Goldfeather, Robby Bowen, Hub New Music, and Shattered Glass. As a keyboardist, Pascal has played as support for D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah” tour and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” tour with Australian pop artist Meg Mac. He actively tours with Le Boeuf Brothers, jazz vocalist Allan Harris, Friction Quartet, and his piano trio “Pascal’s Triangle” featuring bassist Linda May Han Oh, and drummer Justin Brown. He is a Ph.D. candidate and Naumburg Doctoral Fellow in music composition at Princeton University.

“The pianist Pascal Le Boeuf has a sleek new album, “Pascal’s Triangle” (Nineteen-Eight Records), that features the advanced-propulsion rhythm team of bassist Linda Oh and drummer Justin Brown.”(New York Times)

“Pianist Pascal Le Boeuf is a 21st century renaissance man. He’s made inroads in the worlds of classical music, indie-rock, and jazz . . . here is at least as much Debussy evident in his compositional style as there is Bill Evans . . . listeners who prefer quality over flash will be amply rewarded.” (The Rochester City Paper)

“Pascal Le Boeuf has a strong percussive element to his playing, which he combines with a keen sense of dynamics.” (Downbeat Magazine)

Pascal Le Boeuf: Media Control (2017) – 7′

Hub New Music performs Pascal Le Boeuf’s “Media Control”

Michael Avitabile, Flute
David Dziardziel, Clarinet
Alyssa Wang, Violin
Jesse Christeson, Cello

Producer: Pascal Le Boeuf
Mixing and Mastering: Dave Darlington

Video by Four/Ten Media
Evan Chapman
Kevin Eikenberg

Recorded on March 11, 2019 by Chris Gilroy at Douglass Recording (Brooklyn, NY)

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Alkaline (2015) – 7′

Performed by JACK Quartet + Le Boeuf Brothers Quartet, “Alkaline” incorporates group improvisation as a compositional device and borrows from jazz and electronic music idioms.

The performers: violinists Christopher Otto and Ari Streisfeld, violist John Pickford Richards, cellist Kevin McFarland, alto saxophonist Remy Le Boeuf, tenor saxophonist Ben Wendel, bassist Ben Street, drummer Justin Brown

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