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Phil Denslow

Lilburn, GA   

I’ve worked as a web site designer for 18 years. My main client during that time has been Neil Young. My work on his "Living With War" (2007) project won a DVDA DVD Excellence Award. Other clients include musicians and those in the audio-visual industry. Prior to web work, I was the animation technician at the UCLA Film School for 13 years.

Additionally during those times I have worked free-lance as a graphic designer, CDRom designer, and film animator. My animated short film "Madcap" (1991) won several awards and toured nationally as part of the Animation Celebration series. I was the Interactive Designer of the 3-disc CDRom "Forrest Gump – Music Artists & Times" (1995) which was named one of the All-Time 10 Best by CDRom Today magazine.