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Phil Popham

West Hollywood, CA      

Phil Popham, is composer-in-residence at the Tahoe Chamber Music Society. In addition, his works have recently been premiered at the New World Symphony, the West Michigan Symphony, the White Lake Chamber Festival, Accent Music, and the International Double-Reed Society. His composition study began in New Orleans at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts with Stephen Dankner and John Kinchen. He earned degrees at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, and Michigan State University as a student of Jere Hutcheson.

A string of well-received commissions began in 2003 after a performance of his trio Canto Judaica. This lead to the commission of “The Pharmacy: Six Medications for Flute, Oboe, and Piano” by the Spectral Trio. After  The Pharmacy was recorded and released by Helix Collective, The American Record stated, “this is a piece any group would love to play and any audience would love to hear.”

The popularity of The Pharmacy led to the commissions of Altazimuth by the North Tahoe Star Tours and Accent Music, and Seven Sins, Mauna Kea, Three Lonesome Places, Tamboo Bamboo, and Voices of Gabriel by professional musicians attending premieres of his works. 

Now in his third year as Composer-in-Residence at the Tahoe Chamber Music Society, Phil has composed and performed two large-scale works written specifically for their Summer Concert Series. The works, The Biggest Little Dances and Welcome to Tahoe: A Musical Adventure Guide received enthusiastic response from the society and their audience and focus on specific topics of life in northern Nevada. 

Most recently, Phil helped create the “Club Classical” genre with his Mixer Dances composed for Helix Collective and their World Dance Club program. He has also begun setting three children’s books to music for the West Michigan Symphony’s educational concerts. The premieres are scheduled for Spring of 2014.

Amber Moon, from The Cocktail Stories

The opening music to Helix Collective’s popular show The Cocktail Stories. The Amber Moon is a “Pick Me Up” designed to sober you up after a night of drinking. In this instance, it prepares the audience for the show ahead. Helix asked Hollywood screenwriters for to write stories about their favourite cocktails. The ensemble delivers the story dramatically while also performing integrated music written for each selection. Original music by Phil Popham with audio loops.

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The Little Big Adventure

Music for the animated short film. Performed by members of Helix Collective.

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The Knight’s Ho Gals, from The Mixer Dances

Opening dance to Helix Collective’s critically acclaimed show and album WORLD DANCE CLUB. The show features dances from around the world. The ensemble teaches the steps for each and then plays the chart for the crowd to try their feet at new moves! Knight’s Ho Gals is a collection of renaissance galliard dances featuring Mr. Knight’s Galliard and the Heigh-Ho Holiday Galliard.

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