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Los Angeles, CA      

Our newly formed company is founded upon theater’s inherent capacity to make immanent issues of universal concern. In response to racial and economic segregation, and rising tendencies of nationalism, we make a conscious effort towards international collaboration and a breadth of cultural perspectives, so as to better shed light upon issues both at home and abroad, and confront cultural differences directly, as part of our creative process. We are particularly interested in creating exchange opportunities between the US and Cyprus, a country at the crossroads of Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and Western cultures, and Greece, where Europe’s social, economic and political foundations have been undergoing unprecedented challenges.

KESTREL FARIN LEAH (Director, Performer) is a British actor and director working internationally across stage and screen. She often collaborates across music, film, dance and visual art, and is co-founder of PHYSICAL PLASTIC theater project with Cypriot composer and sound artist Yiannis Christofides. She earned a Masters in Acting at California Institute of the Arts, has trained at Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan, and currently studies the method of Theodoros Terzopoulos (Attis Theatre) in Athens, Greece. Notable roles include Venable in Suddenly Last Summer, directed by Kameron Steele of Suzuki Company, a cross-gender Jean Genet in Maureen Huskey’s A Splendid Death and Jo in A Taste of Honey directed by Steppenwolf’s Kim Rubenstein. As a director, Leah has shown work at venues such as Human Resources, LA and The Vail International Film Festival, and has been a resident artist at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center. Dance/choreography includes collaborations with Parisian artists Julie Bena and Duchamp-prize-winner Julien Previeux. She is published in The Theatre Times and writes for the performance publication Riting.


YIANNIS CHRISTOFIDES (Composer, Sound Designer) is a composer, creative sound designer and field recordist based in Los Angeles. Combining an interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and technical background in electronic art music, sound design, cultural studies and communication, and professional experience in collaborative projects across a broad range of genres and creative disciplines, Yiannis specializes in the creation of sonic experiences for stage and media. Much of his personal work investigates our experience of place through the use of field recordings as principal material. His particular interest in field recording is in relation to the contextual aspects of sound and the intersensory experience that it affords.

His work has been presented at leading venues and institutions throughout Europe and the Americas including the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2016, the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2016 | Abrons Arts Center, New York (US), 3LD Art & Technology Center, New York (US), La Triennale di Milano | La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (IT), Ecos Urbanos Festival | Fonoteca Nacional de México, Mexico City (MX), Irondale Center, Brooklyn (US), The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn (US), Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia (CY), Internationales Klangkunstfest Berlin 2014 (DE), the wulf., Los Angeles (US), Circuit Bridges | Gallery MC, New York (US), The Royal Dockyard Church, Kent (UK), Metamatic: The Art Foundation, Athens (GR), The Ethnological Museum, Nicosia (CY), Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London (UK), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L A C E), Los Angeles (US), Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre (NiMAC), Nicosia (CY), Southwark Playhouse Theatre, London (UK), ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia (CY), the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (DE), Cultural Centre “St. John Theologian”, Stockholm (SE), among others.


ALARM (working title)

Original vignette-based work that portrays the security alarm as an acoustic, physical and political event. This live work for the stage is lead by performer-director Kestrel Leah and composer Yiannis Christofides—in collaboration with choreographer Brigette Dunn-Korpela and visual artist Dasha Sur.

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Work-in-progress excerpts from Paloma St residency, 2016. TOKYO is a full-length, multi-media theater work mining the sound-image repertoire of Tennessee Williams’ Noh-inspired works The Day on Which a Man Dies and In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel. Composer Yiannis Christofides and performer Kestrel Leah collaborate to create a series of sonic-physical compositions incorporating sound, choreography, video design and original text.

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Lulu Study

Short study for the screenplay Lulu—created by Zoe Aja Moore, Amanda Jane Shank and Liz Toonkel and inspired by Frank Wedekind’s plays. Installed as part of the project’s live, site-specific performance series in 2015.

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