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San Francisco, CA            

Post:Ballet was founded in 2009 by Artistic Director and choreographer Robert Dekkers, named “25 to Watch” by DANCE Magazine, with a vision to experiment with eclectic artists, using dance as a medium for creative expression that takes chances, pushes boundaries, and challenges social norms. 

Dekkers’ and Resident Choreographer Vanessa Thiessen’s collaborative approach to dance making gives all of the artists involved the opportunity to share in the investigation and contribute to the development of a new work, resulting in productions that are “decidedly daring and always beautifully performed” (SF Arts Monthly). Integrating the company’s classically trained dancers with diverse artists including composers, animators, architects, cinematographers, fashion designers, and sculptors, Post:Ballet’s collaborations range from intensely intimate to wildly conceptual. Critical Dance exclaimed that Post:Ballet’s “choreography and artistic collaborations are risky and challenging, yet they still cling to traditional technique in a very unique and genuine way.”

Now in its eighth season, Post:Ballet has developed a reputation for being “a company that not only lives dangerously- it thrives on it” (SF Chronicle). Since 2010, the company’s annual summer seasons have featured unexpected collaborations that are consistently “inventive, focused, sophisticated, and anything but risk averse” (SF Chronicle). In 2016, Post:Ballet premiered its first full-evening collaboration, “Do Be,” co-presented with Bay Area electro-acoustic ensemble The Living Earth Show and featuring a quintet of original scores by a collection of some of today’s most influential composers, costume/scenic design by Post:Ballet’s Creative Director Christian Squires, and animation by visual artist Robby Gilson. In 2017, Post:Ballet collaborated with America’s first openly queer country music band (debut album 1973) to present Lavender Country, a full-length production complete with “enchanting, surreal, and achingly human” choreography (Ballet to the People), live music, and storytelling by the original singer/songwriter of the Lavender Country band, Patrick Haggerty.

7×7 Magazine named Post:Ballet ‘Best New Dance’ in San Francisco, and SF Chronicle declared “the rise of Post:Ballet to the upper echelon of Bay Area contemporary classical troupes has been rapid, astonishing, and artistically satisfying.” The company’s work has been presented at the SF International Arts Festival, Jacob’s Pillow’s Inside/Out Festival, Seattle’s Against the Grain Festival, SF Frameline Film Festival, and SF Dance Film Festival. Company artists have been nominated for three Isadora Duncan Awards in “Outstanding Performance;” company dancer Cora Cliburn was recognized by DANCE Magazine as a “25 to Watch” artist in 2016; and the company’s artists have developed a consistent reputation for being “among the finest on the West Coast” (SF Chronicle). Engaging exceptional artists and embracing a collaborative spirit, Post:Ballet provides a space for artistic exploration and uncensored expression, resulting in sincere audience engagement through the presentation of “high art from the heart.” Learn more at postballet.org.

Post:Ballet and The Living Earth Show’s “Do Be” (excerpts)

Post:Ballet and The Living Earth Show co-present ‘Do Be,’ an 80-minute new music and modern ballet work in two acts
August 4-6, 2016
Z Space – San Francisco
Video by Loren Robertson Productions
Costume/scenic design by Christian Squires
Lighting design by Jim French
Music performed by Travis Andrews and Andy Meyerson (The Living Earth Show)
Choreography by Robert Dekkers with significant collaboration from the dance artists
Original scores by Anna Meredith, Jonathan Pfeffer, Nicole Lizée, Jacob Cooper, and Chris Cerrone

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Post:Ballet’s 2015 season (highlights)

Post:Ballet presents “Six Pack,” a collection of six short works celebrating the company’s sixth season
July 17-18, 2015
YBCA Theater, San Francisco
Videography by Loren Robertson Productions
Costumes by Christian Squires, Marlowe Bassett, and Susan Roemer
Lighting Design by Jack Carpenter
Choreography by Robert Dekkers
Original scores by Samuel Adams, Jonathan Pfeffer, and Nicole Lizée

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Post:Ballet presents “Five High,” a collection of three short works celebrating the company’s fifth season
August 3-5, 2014
YBCA Theater, San Francisco
Videography by Loren Robertson ProductionsLighting design by David Robertson
Architectural sculptures by Robby Gilson with Catherine Caldwell
Illustrations by Enrique Quintero
Animation by Yas Opisso and Stephen Goldblatt
Costumes by Christine Darch, Christian Squires, and Susan Roemer
Original scores by Daniel Berkman and Matthew Pierce

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