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Rachel Dean

Miami, FL      

National award-winning composer Rachel Dean has been inseparable from music since age six, when she started taking piano lessons. Songwriting and piano have been her main focus throughout her music career. Her exposure to musical theater literature as a rehearsal pianist for high school shows heavily influenced her songwriting. Eventually she aspired to a career in writing for musical theater.


Rachel’s songwriting style is a blend of modern pop and musical theater genres. She is currently the composer for several musical theater projects in various stages of production. One such project, BROKEN ENGLISH, a musical with book and lyrics by  Nancy Cheser, received a staged reading at Area Stage Company this August in Miami, FL, to wide acclaim. She is currently working on THE ANXIETY PROJECT with lyricist David Brush, an attempt to help depression victims make sense of their stories by setting them to music and compiling a song cycle.


Rachel currently studies composition under Dr. Lansing McLoskey at the University of Miami.

Lyrics by David Brush. Performed by Rachel Dean (piano) and Erin Martinez (vocals). Written in response to the first prompt of the NYPL’s 2013 summer collaboration project, “Across a Crowded Room.”

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Film Score Abstract Cue

Read by members of the Henry Mancini Institute, this was a film cue written to an abstract cue sheet following an anxious woman to a big job interview.

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