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Radical 2

Brooklyn, NY      

Radical 2 (Levy Lorenzo // Dennis Sullivan) is a performance duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Grounded in the tradition of contemporary classical percussion, Radical 2 extends this performance practice by exploring compositions that utilize experimental percussion, extended vocal techniques and prototype electronics. By integrating the human voice and oddly contextualized speech, Radical 2 actively blurs the line between vocal chord vibration and percussion objects. Radical 2 invents and integrates newly designed tools and instruments that allow the use of live electronics in performance, which provides strong engagement between the audience and electronic sound worlds, ensuring a direct relationship to physical gesture and sound production. Radical 2 embraces the role of the classical percussionist as actor, vocalist and electronic musician, while relying on the musician’s sense of extended techniques and new-music performance practice. Radical 2 has performed at prominent New York City venues such as the HERE Arts Center, Abrons Arts Center and The Stone as well as cutting edge new music venues in San Francisco (CA), Chicago (IL) Berlin (DE), Hamburg (DE) and London (UK). They have been featured on the International Contemporary Ensemble’s OpenICE series, Boston’s TimesTwo series, the Omaha Under the Radar Festival (NE), the NIME Festival (New Instruments for Musical Expression) at Goldsmith’s University in London (UK), as well as private events for Gawker Media. The duo has held residencies at Stanford University and Adelphi University with individual project/composition residencies at the Studio for STEIM Electro-Instrumental Center in Amsterdam. The members of Radical 2 have individually presented their work as performers, composers and instrument builders at the Darmstadt Festival (DE), Ensemble Moderne Festival (AT), VU Symposium, Burning Man, MIT Media Lab, Yellow Barn, Harvestworks and Pitchfork.com.

Altered States of Elasticity -by- Dennis Sullivan

Radical 2 performs Dennis Sullivan’s “Altered States of Elasticity” for percussion duo, voice, fixed media and custom lighting. Recorded LIVE at the TimesTwo Series in Boston, MA.

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Simulcast -by- Rick Burkhardt

Radical 2 gives a performance of Rick Burkhardt’s “Simulcast” for two speaking percussionists at Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY.

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For Andrew -by- Radical 2

Radical 2 performs “For Andrew” for two hacked Logitech joysticks at the thingNY album release party. “For Andrew” is a reimagined version of Paul Pinto’s “mini_003” originally written for and recorded by thingNY’s bassist, Andrew Livingston. In this piece, Radical 2 has extracted samples from the original recording of mini_003 and loaded them into a MaxMSP based instrument where the samples can then be manipulated via a hacked Logitech joystick, an instrument created by Levy Lorenzo.

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