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Rami El-Aasser

Brooklyn, NY      

Rami plays both Arabic and Turkish style on the tabla and other drums. The darbuka, aka doumbek or Arabic tabla, is a chalice drum. It holds an ocean of sounds.  Its voice gauges the tempo and feel of Middle Eastern music.

Rami performs at concert halls, cafés, theatres, clubs,  and festivals worldwide with groups including Alhambra, AlSarah & the Nubatones, Alwan Ensemble, Cafe Antarsia Ensemble, Raquy & the Cavemen, and Zikrayat.

Rami’s grooves also can be found on many recordings, soundtracks, and live theatre productions.

You may also find him at NYC bellydance parties with local legends like Haig Manoukian and Souren Baronian.  

Rami has performed at cultural institutions including D.C. Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the MET, Apollo Theatre, Lincoln Theater,     and international festivals including: Lallapalooza (2005), Celebrate Brooklyn (2012), Central Park SummerStage (2002),   Festival Des Traditions Du Monde (2013), Lincoln Center Out of Doors (2010), FloydFest (2005), Lowell Folk Fest (2010), Chicago World Music Festival (2011), Ashkenaz Toronto, the Alexandria Summer Festival -Egypt (2009), Sibiu International Theatre Festival -Romania (2005, 2008), and Novaja Drama Festival in Russia (2003).

As well as drums, Rami also holds a Masters degree from the Gallatin School at NYU, and a BS Sp from Northwestern University in Performance Studies and International Studies.

Dayerat I-Doum

Piece for Egyptian drum ensemble. Composed, performed, recorded by Rami Tabla.
Typical of a drum solo for dance, this features solo phrases on a high tabla on a foundation of common rhythms played by the low pitched frame drums, finger cymbals, and the riq (arabic tambourine). This composition departs from convention with a round between the various voices at the end.

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Turkish Split hand Technique Improvisation on Clay Drum Live at Intar New & Roots Music Festival

Excerpt from live performance at Intar Theatre New & Roots Music Festival.
This piece, composed and performed by Rami Tabla, features improvisation on the larger clay doholla. These traditional drums wIth a natural skin head and ceramic body, are regaining popularity with a new technique emerging from Turkey. Splitting the hand (as in Indian Tabla) to achieve two or more primary hits on each hand players are innovating on traditional forms as well as integrating Indian and Western percussion rudiments.

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Nuba Drum Solo — Rami Tabla

A piece recorded for the AlSarah & the Nubatones album Silt .
The piece features nubian rhythms on the frame drum with a solo on the tibla– clay bongos.

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