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Rand Berke

Bend, OR      

After decades of limiting output to guitar based music, I’ve decided to expand my exploration of electronic stuff to uncover my current state of creativity wherever it might go. My creative peculiarities are happiest in a world with fewer limitations. Without the worries of getting gigs and being in the loop of musical expectations, I feel free to explore new melodies and structures. With that in mind, I am lunging forward to expand my definitions of musical vocabulary; hoping to find others who might enjoy that kind of ride as well. 

6 Electronic Exercises in 3 8 & 11

This song collection is my return to electronic composing. I decided to go full electric after a recent visit to Berlin. While there, I came to recognize that, even though my songs were appreciated, there was no longer a creative spark. Also, I was fortunate to collaborate on a dance music project that really stretched me artistically. It employed a combination of analog and digital sounds. Back in the States, it was time to use some of the ideas rattling around in my head; using numbers and sound to create new music. This is the outcome.

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