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Random Access Music

New York, NY         

Random Access Music (RAM) is among the most active composer/performer collectives in the country, presenting a wide array of contemporary music from the Americas. Since its 2005 inception, RAM has premiered more than 100 works by diverse musical voices, in settings intimate and formal throughout the area. Concerts include music by member composers, a call-for-scores winner, and guest composers. Collaborating ensembles and the RAM Players are featured each year. RAM further expands the presence of living composers’ music to new audiences through the Queens New Music Festival, a 5-day festival of 8 concerts by artists and ensembles from the across the U.S.

RAM Composers

Praised as “evocative,” “highly inventive,” and “of undeniable power,” RAM composers represent a broad spectrum of American aesthetics, styles, and backgrounds. They are committed to supporting and presenting one another’s music, within and outside of RAM. RAM’s eclectic roster of composers reflects the rich and varied landscape that is American music in the 21st century. RAM composers are: Guy Barash, David Fetherolf, Gilbert Galindo, Kamala Sankaram, B. Allen Schulz, and Frances White.

RAM Players

The RAM Players are high caliber New York musicians, dedicated to delivering exciting performances of works by living American composers. They have been described as “passionate,” “brilliant,” “sensitive,” and “energetic.” They are seasoned performers of music by RAM composers and share in the supportive and collaborative spirit of RAM. RAM Players are: clarinetist Thomas Piercy, pianist Tristan McKay, guitarist Nadav Lev, violinists Maya Bennardo and Sabina Torosjan, violist Liuh-Wen Ting, cellist Kate Dillingham, baritone Seth Gilman, mezzo-soprano Tammy Coil, and soprano Risa Renae Harman.

Queens New Music Festival (QNMF)

RAM also supports new music through the QNMF. Debuting in 2012, it is an annual event that brings new music into Queens. RAM invites, selects, and curates proposals from applicants to create a 5-day festival celebrating the diversity of styles and voices in new music today.

Call for Scores

Annually, RAM collaborates with an ensemble to present a concert of world premieres. As part of this, RAM conducts a call for scores from which the winning composition is included.

RAM History

RAM began as a composers’ collective under the Astoria Symphony in 2005 to give its members performance opportunities with musicians who hoped to share in a more collaborative creative process. Composers and musicians sought a process that was on-going, fully-engaged, and fruitful for both. In 2012, RAM expanded to produce the QNMF and in 2014 formed the RAM Players.

RAM is among the most active composer-performer consortia in America, presenting three programs every season and the QNMF. RAM has collaborated with the Anubis Saxophone Quartet, Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Iktus Percussion, Lost Dog New Music Ensemble, and Parthenia, among others; and performers like Laura Barger, Emily Brausa, Miranda Cuckson, and Jessica Mathaes.

RAM’s Mission

To promote and produce high quality composition and performance of music by living American composers in a variety of venues throughout New York City, with emphasis in Queens; to continue the tradition of acoustic chamber music in the 21st Century; to foster a fully-engaged and fruitful collaborative spirit between composers and performers; to nurture connections with audiences through outreach and engaging productions; to build new audiences for new music by bringing greater awareness to the public through outreach, education, and scholarship.

For more information, visit: http://ram-nyc.org/

“Bedroom,” from Alice Invents a Little Game and Alice Always Wins

– Composer: Guy Barash –

In their opera, exploring the tenuous membrane that separates comfortable everyday existence from the desperate margins of society, Nich Flynn and Guy Barash portray an urban dystopia unnervingly similar to our own world while poignantly tapping into the loneliness and peril of city life. In his aria, “Bedroom,” Gideon elaborates microtonally on the dissolution of his reality, as the accompanying music defines the character and the world aesthetically, structurally, and allegorically.

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– Composer: David Fetherolf –

I find much art to be pretty, or pleasing; but what I find I’m most attracted to in music, visual art, literature, architecture, and most other things is structure. And it’s everywhere to be seen: in Beethoven and Varese; Vermeer and Braque; Wren and Le Corbusier; spanning centuries and styles, structure remains a constant source of beauty to me.

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Echoes Of The Divine

– Composer: Gilbert Galindo –

Imagine the highest power of the universe, the most perfect source, the grand design of existence that drives the cosmos, the divine essence whence everything emanates. Everything created, known, unknown, visible and invisible reflects, mirrors and echoes this essence by either being with it, going toward it, going away from it. Echoes of the Divine reflects what may come out of the beginning chord, music that reflects, mirrors or echoes the first sound, going along with it, going toward it, going away from it.

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