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Richard Jean-Jacques

Magnolia, NJ         

Rich Pesos is an American Hip Hop and R&B artist known for his versatile style and catchy hooks. Creating music for over a decade, he has developed and refined his skills and talents since the age of 14. Taking his sound to the next level in 2019, Rich released his debut single which sentimentally pays homage to his wife and their story, entitled “Already Know” followed by a music video. With much more in store for his vibrant music career, this singer/songwriter plans to drop a second single in March 2019 titled “No Risk” featuring Money Zoo and Kevin Hues along with another music video.
Influenced by artists such as 50 cent, Smiff and Wessun, and Young Jeezy among others, Rich crafted his signature sound that renders hints of several genres including Reggae and Afropunk fused with a coalescent mix of Hip Hop/R&B.
Driven and passionate, he merges concepts with beats, as he finds the perfect energy to create hooks that sets the ambiance for each song. Fuelled by the ups and downs of life and the future, Rich Pesos embellishes every track with a personal touch leaving listeners with a memorable experience as he climbs the ladder to success.

Already Know

Artist ( Rich Pesos)
Song ( Already Know)

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Artist (Rich Pesos)

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