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Robin Estrada

Berkeley, CA      

Robin Estrada ranks among the bold and innovative talents in Philippine composition today. His works meld western forms with Southeast Asian musical styles that accentuate the finesse and fire of the region’s cultural diversity, evoking a unique sound that brings Asia to the world of contemporary art music. 

He received his Ph.D. at University of California–Berkeley and also studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of the Philippines. His mentors include Cindy Cox, Dan Becker, David Conte, Josefino Chino Toledo, and Ramon Santos.

Robin’s works have been performed at prominent international settings such as the 19th Conference and Festival of Asian Composers’ League in Taiwan, American Choral Directors Association Conference in the United States, Polyfollia Festival in France, Nagano Music Festival in Japan, Federation Music Week-Contemporary Music of Australia and Asia Pacific in Australia, International Kammerchör Wettbewerb in Germany, Grand Prix Europeén du Chant Choral in Hungary, Asian Composers League Festival in Indonesia and “THREE” in Singapore.

Robin is a Quimson Fellow of the Asian Cultural Council and a Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NAMCYA) scholarship grant awardee. He received the 2015 Hoefer Prize from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the Nicola di Lorenzo Prize for his choral piece Et Apertum est Templum and Paghahandog, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Choral Composition Contest First Prize for Aire de Nocturno, and the I Concurso Coral de Ateneo Musica Nova Award for Awit ni Solomon for 16 female voices. Pangadi for alto, violin, oboe, percussion and saron was chosen to be the Philippine entry to the Asian Composers’ League Young Composer Award.

He has received commissions from different performing groups in the Bay Area and in the Philippines and his works have been performed by notable groups including the International Orange Choral, Volti, San Francisco Choral Artists, Empyrean Ensemble, Del Sol String Quartet, Ateneo Chamber Singers, Philippine Madrigal Singers, and the Australian Chamber Choir.