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Roger Dannenberg

Pittsburgh, PA   

Roger B. Dannenberg is Professor of Computer Science, Art & Music at Carnegie Mellon University. His compositions have been performed by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, members of the Pittsburgh Symphony, and at festivals such as the Foro de Musica Nueva, Callejon del Ruido, Spring in Havana, and the Conference on World Affairs. His opera, “La Mare Dels Peixos,”, co-composed with Jorge Sastre, premiered in 2016.

Dannenberg is well known for his computer music research, including the co-creation of the Audacity audio editor, computer accompaniment used by Smart Music, and music recognition software in Rock Prodigy. His current work includes research on computer accompaniment of live musicians, content-based music retrieval, interactive media, and high-level languages for sound synthesis.

As a trumpet player, Dannenberg has performed in concert halls ranging from the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem to the Espace de Projection at IRCAM, and he is active in performing jazz, classical, and new works.

Improvisation (trumpet and computer)

An excerpt from a performance in Valencia, Spain, March 2016.

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Origin, Direction, Location

Documentation of an installation created with Barbara Bernstein. Live multi-channel sound processing, live multi-channel interactive image processing

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