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Ryan Gaston

Los Angeles, CA   

Ryan Gaston (b. 1990)  is a composer, bandleader, and sound artist originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. Now based in Los Angeles, Ryan’s current work centers around musical interface/instrument design, modular synthesizer performance, network music, sound spatialization, and strategies for notation and analysis of electronic and timbre-based music. Fascinated by developing new modes of listening and performing, Gaston writes both performed and recorded music that seeks to exploit the unique possibilities of its own venue of realization–be it a concert hall, dingy dive bar, art gallery, or a pair of headphones.

Gaston has done extensive work for ad hoc multichannel speaker systems, including 12+ channel pieces for networked Raspberry Pi computers (as in “50 small boxlike spaces” and “PiAGRA Falls”), homemade multichannel distortion systems (as in disonillum), and 5.1 film applications (as in A Dream Retrieval Ritual 2014). 

Gaston regularly performs as part of the electroacoustic ensemble/collective Burnt Dot, of which he and trumpeter Sarah Belle Reid are central members.

Gaston’s work with electronic media has been commonly recognized as humorous, playful, and inventive, and as such has earned him not only awards such as the University of Louisville’s Best New Electroacoustic Work (for “Nocturne: Crickets Inside & Out”), but also places on the board of the Conway Composers Guild and the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce’s arts advisory board. His collaborative piece A Dream Retrieval Ritual 2014 was given special attention by Little Rock Soiree and Arkansas Times as a unique engagement of and contribution to the local community.

A Dream Retrieval Ritual (2014)

A stereo reduction of the 5.1 audio component of the multimedia installation A Dream Retrieval Ritual 2014, composed by Ryan Gaston with materials collected from his own mind, from Rheingold Kockenschlagger’s extensive sound collage/field recording collection, and the works of songwriter Emma Branch. Engineered by Adam Lansky of Lansky Sound, and featuring a wonderful cast of musicians.

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“End Fly Violence!”

A hybrid fixed media & performance piece for modular synthesizer.

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Burnt Dot Quartet (Live)

A live performance by Burnt Dot Quartet—Sarah Belle Reid & Kris Tiner, trumpets; Todd Barton & Ryan Gaston, synthesizers.

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