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Satellite Collective

New York City, NY         

The purpose of Satellite Collective is to spark artistic breakthroughs with the wholehearted belief that a galvanized creative class drives social, political, and personal evolution. This is accomplished by incubating gifted emerging artists in a process of total interdisciplinary collaboration, engendering vigorous dialogue between art forms, and providing the thrust necessary to launch large-scale projects. As a New York City-based non-profit arts company committed to generating original works of live performance and publication, Satellite Collective always punches above its weight.

Scheduled to debut at Brooklyn Academy of Music in the autumn of 2018, Narcissus will be the 17th interdisciplinary performance work by Satellite Collective since its founding eight years ago. Foregrounded by ballet, the timely reframing of this 4000-year-old myth will engage original musical composition, live chamber performance, visual art, poetry, digital multimedia, unique costuming, and world-class lighting design. The ambition of this project’s scope is matched by the deftness of its team.

It should be noted that, while Satellite Collective has long been inspired by Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, this production is not a restaging of “Fetes de Narcisses.” Instead, the myth is being reimagined from the ground up as it applies to our current moment of cultural turbulence and upheaval. Probing themes of identity, ego, love, and madness, the story of Narcissus affords the opportunity to question if we have the capacity to wrench ourselves away from our own reflection or the echo of our own voice.

Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” and Sigmund Freud, the core creative team is already deep into its collaborative process. By developing all arts verticals concurrently, rather than sequentially, as is the more common tack, Satellite Collective enables each of the collaborators and each of the art forms to influence the others. This means that the look of the production can effect the music, the choreography can influence the story, and the music can direct the visuals. The result is a sensually immersive experience that adds up to more than a sum of its parts.

Funding provided by New Music USA will constitute an integral piece of the project budget, helping Satellite fairly compensate artists for their enormous labors and allowing us to secure space at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Success means exposing new audiences to cutting edge ballet, stimulating synchronous headway in a variety of art forms, providing emerging artists with a huge opportunity to generate a major work, and to prompt an important public meditation on the psyche of our historical moment.

Production for Narcissus is currently under way. Poetry, narrative, music, choreography, and visual design are scheduled to be completed, at a formative stage, in the winter of 2017. Rehearsals will begin in February 2018. Sketches of works in process will be presented at Bowery Poetry in March, May, and September. This will provide the opportunity to get dancers and musicians comfortable with their performance roles, as well as providing a chance for critical self-review. The entire prototype of the work will be work shopped at Satellite’s annual retreat on Lake Michigan in the summer of 2018. Production week will begin on September 6th, with rehearsals at Mark Morris, Lincoln Center, and New York Live Arts. The performances will be at BAM Fishman from September 13th to September 16th.

Twin Star Event

Score by Ellis Ludwig Leone. Animation by Lora Robertson. Story by Kevin Draper.

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Ballet sketch presented at 92nd St Y in 2016. Choreography by Devin Alberda. Score by Richie Greene.

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A Pair of Ideal Landscapes

Film by Lora Robertson. Choreography by Esme Boyce. Score by Richie Greene

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