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Sean Shepherd


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Articles November 28 2017 | By Sean Shepherd
On Big Questions of Creativity and Intention

or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Zuckerberg’s machine. As with other areas in the many realms of public discourse these days, there are times when, for me,...

Articles June 13 2014 | By Sean Shepherd
On the Good and the Great—Wrapping up the NY Phil Biennial

Last week amounted to a floodgate of new music being opened: from a few new subscription-series pieces per season from major figures and some encouragement to young talent by way...

Articles June 6 2014 | By Sean Shepherd
NY Phil Biennial: Scads, Oodles, and Heaps of Composers

As the NY Phil Biennial continues, with events every day through this Saturday, I’ve begun to realize how many new pieces and how many composers I’ve heard over the last...

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