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Seattle JazzED

Seattle, WA            

Seattle JazzED empowers students of all skill levels and backgrounds to realize their full potential through exceptional music education.

Seattle JazzED offers year round music programs including big band ensembles, master classes, workshops and summer camps, and is known forinnovative educational initiatives like the New Works Ensemble, the Girls Ellington Project and the Summer Jazz Ambassadors program.

Lastly, JazzED is founded on the belief that excellent music education opportunities should be accessible to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. We provide reduced fees and scholarships to qualifying students.

Why JazzED is about more than just jazz. It’s about family.

When we started JazzED 5 years ago, we had a lot of big ideas. Mainly, we wanted to build an organization that would be a hub of exceptional music education for students regardless of their resources. We know that music changes lives and builds character. Our goal is to make sure that all our students have access to the possibility of a better, more successful life.

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