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Sidney Boquiren

Garden City, NY         

Sidney Marquez Boquiren grew up in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia but has spent most of his adult life in the United States. He collaborates with artists on various projects including Biblical illumination (folia ligni for Spark and Echo Arts); multi-media and multi-sensory art experience (The Gretel Project with Lauren K. Alleyne, Catherine Chung, and Tomiko Jones); and chamber opera (Independence Eve with Daniel Neer). He has received commissions from Sarah Plum; American Modern Ensemble; NOISE; and The Parhelion Trio. Current projects include a new work for Ensemble Pi and another for the 2018 nief-norf Summer Festival (Knoxville, Tennessee) where he will be featured as a guest composer. He is one of 32 artists in the international roster invited to compose new solo piano works for Yael Weiss’ “32 Bright Clouds”. His compositions are often informed and influenced by his Catholic faith and Philippine identity. The current global social and political climate has also motivated him to write works in pursuit of the advancement of social justice.

A MacDowell Fellow, Sidney is an Associate Professor in the Department of Music at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. He also sings with the Ignatian Schola as well as the choir of The Church of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan, New York.

Contact: boquiren@adelphi.edu

“Ecclesiastes 3:1-8” (2014)

“Ecclesiastes 3:1-8″is the first piece in a diptych of meditations on verses from Ecclesiastes (3:1-8) and the Gospel of St. John (14:27). The title, “folia ligni” (“leaves of the tree”), is taken from Revelation 22:2: “The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” It is this healing of nations and (by extension) of peoples that I tried to get at, not in the sense of a direct depiction of some process of healing but more as a sort of struggle to achieve this healing, a striving to reach “a time of peace.”

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“Babaylan” (2010)

“Babaylan” (“Healer” in the Philippine dialect of Tagalog) is a multi-sectional composition that explores various permutations of a chamber ensemble with a unique instrumentation in the context of a ritualistic evocation based on Southeast Asian healing traditions and musical practices and concepts.

Babaylan was commissioned by and is dedicated to Christopher Adler and the members of NOISE Ensemble.

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Tres Marias (2003)

Tres Marias is a setting of five different Marian chants. One is presented as an introduction while another ends the work. The maind body of the piece presents three of the chants each of which focus on a specific aspect of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mary Mother of God, Mary the Sorrowful Mother, and Mary Mother Intercessor.

This piece was commissioned by and is dedicated to Spencer Martin and Murasaki Duo.

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