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Single Parents & Teens Foundation of Dallas

Dallas , FL      

Elicia Crouch-Surles, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, of Single Parents and Teens Foundation of Dallis, knows the hardship that can overwhelm single parents – especially teen mothers. Born in Trinidad, she settled in Texas where was fortunate to act and become a model. She starred in Burger King commercials and was featured in a few episodes of Wishbone and the television show Walker, Texas Ranger.

In 1992, her life changed. Elicia was pregnant with her twins Kristopher and Kristina. Now a single mom, she struggled to make ends meet. Having faith that would garner her the fortitude to provide, she started her own daycare business. Prayers answered, she established daycare empire, which to date serves more than 5,000 children. 

But her greatest passion was ‘paying it forward’. She established Single Parent and Teen Foundation of Dallas, to helps teens and single parents develop skills to overcome challenges, reaching their optimal potential. Through the Foundation, Elicia holds an annual back-to-school carnival, helps kids get school supplies and dental cleaning, has Santa and gives away toys for Christmas and turkey dinners for Thanksgiving. She further commits to a variety of other charitable activities, including helping families having trouble paying rent, arranging daycare help, and getting free milk/formula for their babies. 

Elicia’s passion for the arts has inspired her to bring a piece of Hollywood to Dallas. She currently commutes between the states, helping to promote the artistic development of disadvantaged teens and single parents through Singe Parents and Teens Foundation of Dallas. Recently, she launched an innovative program to mentor and engage participants through acting and singing – giving them access to state-of-the-art technology and education.

Her greatest success has been Nini. 13-year-old Nini is leading a 15-city national tour to visit public school and youth groups, utilizing song, dance and interactive dialog to combat is Bullying among kids. Why? Because she was a victim. Taunted by her middle school classmates, Nini remembers the torment of being harassed by racial slurs and name calling. Confused, scared and beaten down … she acted out in school, withdrew from friends, and begged her mother to stay home. Ultimately, Nini opted to be home schooled and to pursue her dream in the music industry. Today, she lives in Los Angles using her singing ability to entertain and to empower kids with confidence.

Perfect Me

Nini wrote this song in strength after spending years being bullied at her middle school. The lyrics define her character and resolve to overcome while wanting to help others.

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Nini wrote another song about her experiences on being bullied and racism at her middle school, and how she overcame.

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