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San Francisco, CA         

Founded in 1998, MEDIATE Art Group creates meaningful, cutting edge art and music experiences through the activation of people, places and environments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working at the center of art and innovation, MEDIATE’s mission is to develop exhibitions and live events that challenge perspectives and inspire new and unique experiences within ourselves and the world around us; present diverse artists, mediums and places to exchange ideas and collaborate; connect new and diverse audiences to experimental arts and visions; and provide an innovative forum and an essential voice for the Bay Area’s progressive ideas to be seen, heard and explored critically, imaginatively and without limitation. MEDIATE showcases emerging and established local artists, as well as national and international artists, to bring groundbreaking ideas and perspectives to Bay Area audiences.

With our current program Soundwave, MEDIATE trailblazed the concept of creating and presenting art and music in new and unusual places that help cultivate San Francisco’s unique art scene and community. We produced five successful 2-year long seasons of Soundwave, which has grown into the largest and most anticipated multidisciplinary sound art festival in the Bay Area.

Over the years, MEDIATE has taken audiences on adventurous experiences with performances in WWII bunkers, moving buses, famed sculptures, historic churches, city streets & parks, and museums & galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Over the years, MEDIATE promoted outstanding experimental work of more than 350 artists from across the United States and Canada as well as Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Singapore, France, Costa Rica, Austria, Australia and Japan.

Soundwave ((5)) Humanities

Montage of season 5 of the Soundwave Biennial, San Francisco’s Innovative Art and Music Festival, that happened July 5 through Sept 30, 2012 in galleries, museums, parks, streets, churches, zen center, art institutes all over the city. This fifth season’s theme of HUMANITIES commissioned over 100 artists in 30 performances, exhibits and conference presentations to investigate our human experience, and examine the future of our human constructs, cultures and rituals through sound.

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Soundwave ((4)) Green Sound

Montage of the fourth season of the Soundwave Festival entitled “GREEN SOUND” featuring over 75 artists and musicians exploring ideas about our natural world and environmental sustainability. Highlights of the summer-long fest include resonant performances in historic WWII bunkers, majestic churches and famed sculptures, audience-amplified performances in city parks, bike-powered performances on city streets, and performances inside the “Illuminated Forest”, a multi-sensored artist-imagined environment that is reactive to human presence.

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Soundwave ((3)) Move Sound

Montage of 2008 Soundwave Festival with season 3’s theme MOVE SOUND in San Francisco, USA. Featuring innovative sonic performances and artist talks at leading San Francisco art institutions and the AudioBus, moving performances on (mostly) double-decker buses traveling around the city.

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