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New York, NY      

Spectrum is a technology-intensive site established to support innovation and virtuosity in the arts, with an emphasis on contemporary music. Spectrum also devotes resources to other performing arts, multimedia and gallery art/installations.  Our organization first started presenting concerts in 2010 at the Palo Alto residence of our founder, Glenn Cornett.  Our New York City activity opened first at a Chelsea, Manhattan site in February 2012 (when our founder [and his piano] relocated to there), moving to our current Lower East Side location in May 2102.

Spectrum is now one of the most-active presenters of music by living composers, presenting over 1,000 events since opening at its current NYC location.

In February 2013, we added a professional mixing desk and 5.1 surround sound, then upgraded in October 2013 to 12 channels (plus subwoofer) for specialized performances.  Additionally, our Chief Science Officer Lawrence de Martin has designed and built speakers specifically for performance of electroacoustic music.  They are deployed on an as-requested basis.  Spectrum also has a full back line (guitar amps, bass amps, etc.) available, as well as a full drum set, thereby accelerating significantly the setup for and change-out between performing ensembles.

Importantly, Spectrum features a Steinway D (concert grand) piano that has been carefully maintained since it was purchased new for Spectrum events in 2010.  Some artists claim it is the best piano they have ever played.

Spectrum started by curating individual concerts, presenting a broad array of events, mainly in avant garde concert music, modern jazz and progressive/experimental amplified music.  Over the past few months, increasing emphasis has been made on the monthly-series format.  Current and forthcoming series include Guy Barash’s “Eavesdropping” series, PAS Musique’s Ambient-Chaos Nights, Eleonor Sandresky’s Retés program, a set of concerts curated by Marilyn Nonken and a set of composer / performer events run by Matt Marks. In the face of increasing requests for opportunities to present, Spectrum has also put more focus on multiple-event evenings (as opposed to multiple sets within a single event), thereby increasing the number of performers and composers able to gain exposure in the distinctive setting here.

We like to say that Spectrum is “the easiest place to listen to difficult music.”  In addition to extensive equipment and technology, we provide an intimate setting with comfortable furniture, including couches, leather recliner chairs and folding chairs with padded seats, mostly acquired over the past few years to support Spectrum activities.

Spectrum is supported by Stochos (aka New Spectrum), a foundation established by Glenn Cornett to support innovation and virtuosity in the arts.  Stochos is in the process of registering for 501(c)3.  In the mean time, we have access to fiscal sponsorship. Metastrat, Inc., an organization owned and run by Glenn, provides direct funding for Spectrum and Stochos activities.

Glenn Cornett has a background in music as an active composer and performer (electronics, piano, guitar, voice).  Glenn’s for-profit activity (which supports Spectrum) involves running a couple biotech companies, one focused on autism and one focused on cardiovascular / metabolic diseases.  He has an MD and a neuroscience PhD. His neuroscience dissertation was on deep-brain responses to musical stimuli.  Dr. Cornett established Stochos and Spectrum as ways to “give back” while pursuing his passion for new, engaging music and art.