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Joe Stevenson

San Diego, CA      

Joe Stevenson  As long as what I’m making happen is actually helping people, then I’m doing my job. I selflessly want only to inspire and empower great talent. Great musicians. Great artists. Great activists. Great thinkers………I’ll keep doing it because it makes me feel good in my own skin. Maybe that’s the bigger reason why I’m making real change. I operate on matters of heart. That intensity creates the greatest forum for change. 

What I do carries value. I’m not in this for glory or recognition. Not in the least. For me there is no value in what I do unless it empowers or drives others to their own success. I don’t even want to be remembered for doing that. Selfless. I have no motive besides the progress of others. If that makes me weird or"out of the box" then so be it.   Someone that knows me and watches me here on FB and youtube, starlit channel  come to a show and wanted to figure out what my game is. He asked me directly "So, how much did you make tonight?"
"Make what?" I responded knowing why he would ask such a thing. "There is no money tree to shake here. I’m as broke as you are. This is my "jobby". Its half job and hobby. I make little or nothing on doing what  love doing. My excuse i…s I have a good day job so I can afford to do what pleases me. (pause) What were you expecting me to say?"

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